Why working in London is the best way to launch your professional career

Why working in London is the best option if you are a graduate looking to start your professional career
working in London
19 Jun 2018

Why working in London is the best way to launch your professional career

working in London

If you are a recent graduate you are surely thinking what to do next, now that you are officially qualified. Where to start? You might have thousand questions about how to present your CV (you can learn more about this in our blog ‘8 tips to improve your CV’), how to perform in an interview or how to learn those soft skills to push you candidature further (have a look to our Skills for Success Programme to do a 4 week internship in London this summer).

However, choosing the right place to settle could be the most important step for your professional career. A place with good work opportunities and good after work opportunities! If this is the case, maybe London is what you are looking for. These are the reasons why:

Many work opportunities

According to the Brookings Institution, in 2011 London had the fifth largest metropolitan economy in the world. Almost 850,000 private sector businesses were based in London at the start of 2013, more than in any other region or country in the UK (so can you even imagine how many opportunities you can find here?).

Multicultural City

There is no doubt London is one of the most attractive cities of the world. With almost 9 million inhabitants, London it is the largest of any city in the European Union. It is also one of the most multicultural with more than 300 languages spoken here. No matter where you come from you will be welcomed in this city.

Social life

It won’t be only about working: London has lots of life after your day in the office ends. There are plenty of pubs to enjoy a good pint and clubs for those who enjoy a good late-night. There are also events every day, from musicals to concerts with the most famous musicians and bands in the world.

London is full of life and opportunities for young people and recent graduates. So if you are ambitious and ready to work hard, you could find in London the perfect place to start.