Why Teach English as a Second Language?

Are you thinking of taking a CELTA course? Good choice! Find out about the unique opportunities that qualified EFL teachers benefit from now.
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26 Mar 2018

Why Teach English as a Second Language?

Why Teach English as a Second Language?

If you are considering following this path as part of a gap year or as the springboard to a new career, teaching English as a second language has an awful lot benefits, and not all of them may seem immediately apparent, although the first benefit may be the most obvious:

Working abroad!

Yep, let’s start with the big one – you will get paid to teach all over the world. Whilst teaching English requires a great deal of responsibility and dedication, it will also give you incredible opportunities that are unrelated to the profession itself.

It is the perfect employment if you are looking to visit a country for a medium to long-term stay. You earn enough to keep yourself living comfortably, whilst maintaining enough free time to get out and see and enjoy the country you’re staying in. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who values not just travel, but exploration and building real, long-lasting connections with foreign cultures and peoples.

It’s Not a Typical Teaching Job

We all have memories from our time at school or college of terrorising certain teachers (or is that just me?) Either way, we can all conjure an image in our minds of an unruly class and a teacher tearing out their hair – and that image can put a lot of people off of trying any form of teaching.

The truth is, however, that teaching English is not the typical teaching job. For one thing, if you choose to teach in an adult institution, then all of the students who are there have made the decision to study English – and paid the course fees, too!

They have paid good money and their own time to be in that class – they are there to learn, and they want you to teach them. That’s one big distinction between your typical secondary school class and your typical EFL class.

That’s not to say that a certain degree crowd control won’t ever be called upon, but it’s also true that you can expect TEFL to be a rewarding experience that gives you the chance to meet amazing people with whom you might never otherwise have crossed paths.

Excellent Training Courses

If you attend a Language Link CELTA course in London, you’ll get to interact with experienced teachers, new teachers, advanced and beginner students. You’ll learn about how to prepare classes and how to assess their success. You’ll pick up all kinds of tips that you’ll still be able draw on 10 years from now. And you’ll learn about great ways of tapping into your creativity and enormous wealth of language knowledge to help you become a fantastic teacher.

It Can Open Doors

Teaching can open doors into countries that are normally difficult to visit or live in. To take one example, China has stringent immigration and visa laws, and so can in many ways be a very difficult country to get to know. Unless you are a teacher, that is.

As a qualified English teacher, you’ll encounter opportunities that were otherwise completely closed to you, such as living in a distant land; meeting people from entirely different places and backgrounds; or learning and growing as a person thanks to the unique challenges and benefits that TEFL presents.