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Buy Xanax Romania

For Junior Course Students 

These terms and conditions apply only to courses designed for Junior students below the age of 16. 


All travel details must be finalised at least 14 days prior to the start of the course to guarantee an arranged airport transfer.


All course places will be confirmed when either the deposit or full fees have been received. Payment of the deposit fee is regarded as acceptance of the booking terms and conditions and is non-refundable.

Amendment Charges

Once a course has been confirmed, amendments will be allowed at the discretion of Language Link and may be liable to an administration charge of up to £50.


If a booking is cancelled, we must be notified in writing at the earliest opportunity. All cancellations will be acknowledged in writing and the following terms apply:

  • Cancel 30 days or more before the course begins = 50% of the course fees will be refunded
  •  Cancel 29 days or fewer before the course begins, or once the course has started = no refund of fees

NB: The deposit payment is non-refundable.

Acceptance Conditions

We accept students on the assumption that they are of sound health and are aged 10 to 17 at the time of their programme at our School.


We do not accept responsibility for personal injury or for loss or damage to personal property unless it is due to the negligence of Language Link or its employees. Any valuables should be left at home. We do not accept responsibility for events outside the control of the company such as strikes, bad weather, war, transportation delays, sickness or quarantine.


The admission of a student is conditional on acceptance of these terms & conditions and of the rules published by the school; these will be sent out along with the joining documentation. While every effort will be made to contact parents or guardians regarding serious breaches of school rules, the centre manager may at his/her discretion impose sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. We reserve the right to dismiss any student whose standard of conduct is unsatisfactory at the discretion of the centre manager. There will be no refund of fees in cases of expulsion and all costs incurred due to this must be paid for by the student.


All students are liable for loss or damage to school property for which they are responsible. A deduction will be made from students’ pocket money or an invoice sent to parents for any loss or damage incurred.

Airport Transfers

We provide a meet & greet service together with transportation to the school to/from various London airports on designated arrival and departure days subject to prior arrangement. 

Health and Safety

We operate a rigorous Health & Safety policy. Staff are all CRB checked and undergo a period of training & orientation prior to students arriving at the school. All the relevant student: teacher ratios are adhered to as set out by the Children’s Act and relevant governing bodies of language travel courses such as English UK.


The schools have fully qualified first aiders and nursing staff. There are also excellent links with local accident and emergency facilities. 

We cannot accept students on the younger learner programme unless the parents have signed and returned the completed medical and personal information form. You must inform the school of any specific information which is not included on the form but which applies to the student. Any medication that a student brings with them must be labelled in English and handed over to a member of staff on arrival.

We regret that any student arriving with a serious medical condition not previously reported on the medical and personal information form may be sent home with no refund of fees.


All students must be covered by travel insurance in order to attend our Junior Courses. 

  • The Endsleigh insurance policy includes:
  • Medical & associated expenses
  • Cancellation/curtailment
  • Personal accident, baggage, clothes & personal effects (excluding electrical gadgets, such as iPods/iPads, laptops, mobile phones etc)
  • Loss of money
  • Travel delay

A summary of cover will be sent to the student together with the booking confirmation.

Force Majeure

In the event of ‘force majeure’ such as fire, flooding, infectious diseases and other events outside the company’s reasonable control which may cause the closure of the school, no refund of fees will be made to students, except at the school’s discretion in exceptional circumstances.


All details are published in good faith as of September 2016. All programmes are subject to availability and minimum class numbers. We reserve the right to alter any particulars such as fees at the discretion of the company. We reserve the right to cancel any course or close the school for whatever reason. Should this be necessary, we shall offer either a full refund or an alternative course for the same value.