VISA requirements and Information on Studying in London

Everything you need to know about VISA requirements and Studying in London.

Moving to another country far from home can be a bit scary however we have put together some resources that will help you settle in and make you feel at home.

Please see the website links below for everything you need to know about how and what to prepare before your great experience in London

Useful information on UK Student Visas by English UK

A quick online test to verify if you need a VISA by the UK Government

Practical information and insight on UK education for international students by the British Council

Note for EEA (European Economic Area) students:

The UK is no longer part of the European Union (Brexit).

EU, EEA and Swiss nationals can still come to the UK for tourism or study for up to six months without needing a visa, but will now need to apply for a visa before travelling if they want to study for longer than six months.

International students must choose an accredited course provider. From 2021, international students are only allowed to study English at institutions that are accredited by a government-recognised body. 

Language Link London is accredited by the British Council‘s government-recognised quality assurance scheme, Accreditation UK. Bookings with us can be made with absolute confidence.

For dedicated information on EEA nationals, you can click on the link below:


Note for NON-EEA (European Economic Area) students:

If you are a non-EEA student, you will require a visa in order to study at the school.

Language Link will provide the documentation required for students to apply for a Short-Term Study Visa which is not part of Tier 4 (SVV, ESVV, CSV).

The school will issue visa support documentation on the receipt of the non-refundable deposit of £200.
Please note that Language Link is not licenced as Tier 4 Sponsor, and we can only offer courses to applicants who apply for one of the visas listed below.

Adult Courses

If you would like to study for less than 6 months, you should apply for a Student Visitor Visa (SVV).
If you want to study for more than 6 months but less than 11 months, you should apply for the Extended Student Visitor Visa (ESVV).

ESVV Extended Student Visitor Visa – similar to the SVV (see below), but it is only for those wanting to study English language courses that are longer than 6 months and shorter than 11 months, and provides no entitlements such as work rights or the ability to extend the visa.

SVV Student Visitor Visa – a form of tourist visa (maximum six months) intended for students who want to take a short course with no other entitlements such as work rights or the ability to extend the visa; it is outside the PBS.

Junior Courses

Students under the age of 18 studying for less than 6 months should apply for a Child Visitor Visa (CVV).

CVV Child Visitor Visa – for juniors (under 18s) visiting the UK for a range of reasons for under 6 months, including summer English courses

Students who have a Tourist / Visitor Visa may study for a maximum of 6 weeks (30 days)
For any further information that you require, you should visit the Home Office website.

You can also contact us at

Or alternatively, contact the British Embassy in your country.