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5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas
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24 Nov 2017

Smart Holiday Gifts that Keep Giving

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Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful. It is even more challenging if you want your gifts to standout and be something they will truly appreciate. The best presents are ones that provide more than a few minutes of enjoyment. Here are gifts that will delight today but have benefits that could last a lifetime

1. Language

At any age, continued learning is important. For working adults, knowing a second language provides more career opportunities. Even for pensioners, starting or improving skills makes it easier to communicate wherever they travel around the world. English courses in London would be an incredible gift for someone wanting to travel and learn.

While there are plenty of inexpensive online courses, they simply cannot compare to a real English class in a native English-speaking environment. English courses need to provide conversational practice while building vocabulary. They should also help develop the learner’s confidence in producing the language, whether spoken or written. Is there someone close to you who loves to be in exciting new places and who would benefit from English classes? There’s no better gift!

2. Travel

Most of us have the desire to visit new places. While a typical winter holiday might include a week or two on a beach, travel to more exotic locations can make an excellent travel gift. The time on the beach might be relaxing but exposure to new cultures and scenic vistas can build memories that last forever.

To add to the lifelong value of the trip, combine the travel with an opportunity to learn a new language, volunteer, or pursue a hobby. That will provide a more meaningful experience and understanding of the local culture. For people of any age, travelling is a fabulous way to broaden horizons and gain insights.  

3. Artistic Outlets

It doesn’t matter if they’ve always dreamed of becoming a great painter or writer. Having a creative outlook is still important. A course in writing, a remote workshop, or class in pottery could be fun and relaxing. For people usually focused on work, a creative outlet can make a huge difference. Sign them up for a class, find a holiday that includes a creative aspect, or buy them the tools they need to make a creative dream come alive. It doesn’t need to be a classical art form. Think about people’s passions – if they’re a foodie, why not some cool kitchen tools or books to help get them creating in the kitchen? If they love fashion, how about a sketchpad and set of pens or pencils so they can start imagining their own fashion designs?

4. Fitness

Fitness gifts can easily go wrong. Implying someone needs to workout or get fit can be perceived as a negative. Make sure you are only supporting their current fitness goals, rather than imply they should be doing more. Try to keep gifts interesting rather than ordinary. Fun water bottles to accompany their routine bicycle workout or a top-notch blender to facilitate their fondness for sports smoothies can be excellent options.

5. Subscriptions

Keep the joy of holiday gift-giving with a subscription. There are now almost endless options that can delight anyone on your holiday list. What might have started with magazine subscriptions and wine of the month clubs has grown to encompass almost anything. From monthly gift boxes for pets to hobbies, there are plenty of exciting gift subscriptions. Consider the hobbies and interests of those on your shopping list. Cheeses, foreign snacks for various countries, and other gourmet foods can be delivered each month.

There are also more practical options. You could arrange for meals to be delivered to a loved one. That can be a time-saver for anyone who is busy or a life-saver for pensioners who might struggle to eat properly on their own. Filling their freezer or refrigerator with prepared meals on a regular basis could be a huge relief. For those who like to cook, deliveries of groceries or gourmet boxes of food and recipes could be a good fit. Gifts for younger people could include subscriptions to online streaming services for music or videos.

Happy creative gift-giving!