Reasons Why Studying English is a Great Decision

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11 Jan 2018

Reasons Why Studying English is a Great Decision

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To those of you who want to study at a top English school in London, we’re here to tell you why this could be the best life decision that you ever make:

English can open up thousands of doors that may previously have been closed for you. English has become known as the ‘global language’ for business. This is most likely due to the economic power and influence that the USA has had over the rest of the world. As the world becomes more and more globally connected, many international organisations are keen to take on employees that speak English. And if you’re bilingual, that just gives you more of an edge over those people who speak only English!

English is a great tool for when you’re travelling abroad. If you travel to a country where you don’t speak the language, it helps to know English. You’re much more likely to find someone who speaks a little English than someone that speaks your mother tongue. English has become the common language of choice that people from different cultures use to communicate with each other. You’ll quickly find that knowing English will really help to bridge that communication gap on your travels abroad.

Yes, it’s very practical to be able to speak English, but it’s also terrific fun. You be able to have more cultural experiences – like going to see English language films at the cinema or reading an English language book. Learning English can also lead to making lots of new friends.

Also, being bilingual is shown to make you smarter. Studies have shown that those of us who are bilingual are able to understand certain concepts more quickly, and also generally score higher on tests. Yet another reason to study English in London!

So, English is practical, fun and it even makes you smarter! It’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world; it will offer you many different kinds of opportunities, such as communicating with people from other countries and travelling; it will make you much more employable in various different industries and professions; and you’ll be able to enjoy movies, books, TV shows and songs in their original language. Finally, it will also challenge and stimulate your mind – and what better reason to learn English than that?