Creative Ways of Teaching Literature


Quick Facts

Price £500

Lessons per Week 25
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon – Fri
Course Length 5 days
Recommended Language Level B1-C2
Maximum Class size 10
Centre Earls Court

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Course description

The Creative Literature Course aims to promote teaching of English through engagement with literary texts. It aims to provide teachers with practical set of classroom ideas developed with guidance from their course tutors through workshops and discussion.

The course will help participants to develop professionally by exploring their own experience and sharing ideas with colleagues from other European countries, whilst discovering the full range of attractions and cultural opportunities that London has to offer.

The course aims to provide new ideas and inspiration for English language teachers for activities and lesson planning. We offer a chance to learn from our experienced trainers and guidance for participants to exchange their own ideas.



The Literature Programme is designed for English teachers who want to energise their teaching through the creative use of English literature in their classroom.

The course will offer opportunities to share lesson ideas and activities with other teachers from around the world.

The course promotes the approach to learning English language through the medium of understanding English Culture and its presence in literary texts.

The course includes daily afternoon walks/visits to places of cultural and literary importance to give the participants first-hand experience of British life and culture.

The course will provide an engaging and memorable experience, which will consolidate and update participants’ knowledge about the UK by allowing them to see, hear and feel the history, culture, traditions and modern life of the country for themselves, and suggest ways in which this can be used to enhance their work in English language teaching.

After the course the participants will be able to use literature creatively to construct more engaging, varied and relevant lessons for their students. 



The course is hands-on and interactive, enabling participants to be fully immersed in the subject matter.
Trainer-led sessions use the techniques and approaches being discussed so that the practical application of methods can be experienced within the programme.

This is supported by in-depth discussion group work.

Participants will build up a bank of ideas to take back to their countries. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to experiment and think “outside the box“.



Please note the exact course content can vary depending on the needs and levels of the groups. We try our best to tailor our courses to offer the best benefit for other students.

Day 1: Revival Of The Use Of Literature In A Language Classroom

  • What Is Literature And Why Teach It?
  • Student Motivation and The Pitfalls Of Teaching Literature To Teenagers and Young Learners
  • Literature Teaching Approaches and Strategies (Culture Model, Language Model and Personal Growth Model)
  • Doing Things With Text -Techniques To Apply English Literature In The Classroom
  • Finding Materials And Criteria For Selecting Literary Texts
  • Writers’ Walk – Bloomsbury

Day 2: Exploring Different Mediums and Developing Methods of Adapting Them to the Skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

  • Adapting Materials to Focus on a Specific Skill.
  • Grading Language and Creative Ways of Pre-Teaching Vocabulary
  • Fun In The Classroom. Exploring Ways Of Teaching Literature Through Audio Mediums
  • Old Text, Modern Film

Day 3: Understanding British Culture Through Literature. Focus On Reading And Writing Skills

  • Literature As The Mirror Of Society
  • Exploring and Developing Alternative Uses of Written Texts
  • Literature As The Mirror Of Society
  • Exploring and Developing Alternative Uses of Written Texts
  • Old English, New English -Modernising Language And Re-Writing Texts
  • Effectiveness of Ad Libs
  • Free London Dickens Walk or Dickens Museum (Key Stage 1-4 and A-Level Taught Visits Available) Entrance Fee £10

Day 4: Developing Speaking Skills And Bringing Texts To Life

  • Teaching Language Through Poems And Story-Telling
  • Focus On How Meaning Changes Through Pronunciation, Intonation And Stress
  • Exploiting The Poetic Language To Arise Students’ Language Awareness & Creativity
  • The Globe Theatre (Fee: £5 standing) or South Bank The Scoop Theatre (Open Air, Free)

Day 5: Shakespeare Rediscovered-Text In Action

  • Things We Owe To Shakespeare
  • Active Approaches To Teaching Shakespeare
  • Use Of Drama In The Classroom

Follow Up

Participants will return to their home countries with a deeper insight and renewed enthusiasm for their profession.

They will also receive:

  • Contact details of tutors and colleagues to facilitate ongoing development and exchange of ideas
  • A Feedback Questionnaire evaluating the course and ideas collected during the programme
  • A Bibliography of suggested further reading matter