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Buy Soma From Canada

Quick Facts



Lessons per Week 25
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon – Fri
Course Length 5 days
Recommended Language Level B1-C2
Maximum Class size 15
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

Price £450


August 5th – 9th
September 2nd – 6th
October 14th – 18th
November 11th – 15th


13th – 17th January
10th – 14th February
2nd – 6th March
30th – 3rd April
18th – 22nd May
15th – 19th June
6th – 10th July
3rd – 7th August
24th – 28th August
12th – 16th October
9th – 13th November

Professional development courses available

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Course description

The course aims to provide new ideas and inspiration for English language teachers for activities and lesson planning.

We offer a chance to learn from our experienced trainers and guidance for participants to exchange their own ideas.

The course is aimed at teachers of English who want to energise their teaching and have an opportunity to learn from teachers in other countries with different experiences.

The approaches to teaching and learning will also be of interest to teachers of other languages as well as to native speaker teachers of English.



The Creative Methodologies programme focuses on practical teaching ideas and activities.

Because of the constraints of time, not all methodologies will be covered in detail. References however will be made to most of the latest methodologies. The focus of this course will be Task Based Learning and Learner Generated Teaching. Learner autonomy and independence will be promoted throughout the course.
The course will help participants to develop professionally by exploring their own experience and sharing ideas with like-minded teachers from other European countries.

After the course, participants will be able to design lessons and activities that are motivating, challenging and effective.



The course is hands-on and interactive, enabling participants to be fully immersed in the subject matter.

Trainer-led sessions use the techniques and approaches being discussed so that the practical application of methods can be experienced within the programme. This is supported by in-depth discussion group work. Participants will build up a bank of ideas to take back to their countries. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to experiment and think “outside the box“.

The programme includes the opportunity to observe experimental practice lessons, taught by experienced teachers, followed by discussions.



Please note the exact course content can vary depending on the needs and levels of the groups. We try our best to tailor our courses to offer the best benefit for other students.

Day 1: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creativity and Motivational Issues

The course begins with a session discussing how learners think, different learning styles and how to adapt your teaching to this. Participants will discuss and work on methods for encouraging learners to think, and motivating their learning and goal setting.
The main focus for the session will be on NLP: What it is and how it compares with similar methodologies, how to develop teaching material, and how it can be used to help students overcome self-imposed limitations.

Day 2: Task Based Learning (TBL)

The TBL session begins with an introduction to the methodology in a TBL demo lesson, with aims and planning explained as the lesson progresses.

Participants then review the lesson discussing the effectiveness of the methodology followed by a workshop on using it to plan lessons and develop materials for TBL style teaching.

Day 3: Creative Teaching Strategies and Techniques

This session is aimed at providing teachers a variety of different activities for common skills such as error correction, pronunciation practice, etc. It also looks at different ways to approach various lesson stages including controlled practice, warmers, etc.
This session is trainer guided but we also expect participants to be able to communicate their own ideas and gain from the input of other course participants.

Day 4: Learner Generated Teaching

In the morning, participants are introduced to Dogme methodology through a demo lesson. The lesson, taught by an experienced Language Link teacher, will demonstrate the main principles of ‘Teaching Unplugged’.

Participants then review the lesson discussing the effectiveness of the methodology.
Focusing on teaching with little or no material ideas from this session can also also help in engaging students in more formal lessons or expanding on materials.

Day 5: Language play and Language Learning

The final day participants will look at how to incorporate game play, and music and humour into language learning.
The afternoon session looks at use of drama and storytelling in the classroom and ways to incorporate the internet as a resource for lesson planning and a tool in the classroom.
Finally there is a review of the week’s topics and discussion of what participants found most helpful. There is an opportunity for general feedback and specific points on the course content and a final farewell where participants are encouraged to swap contacts and develop their own European networks.

Follow Up

Participants will return to their home countries with a deeper insight and renewed enthusiasm for their profession.

They will also receive:

  • Contact details of tutors and colleagues to facilitate ongoing development and exchange of ideas
  • A Feedback Questionnaire evaluating the course and ideas collected during the programme
  • A Bibliography of suggested further reading matter


Testimonies from students