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Cheap Online Phentermine 37.5

Quick Facts



Lessons per Week 25
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon – Fri
Course Length 5 days
Recommended Language Level B1-C2
Maximum Class size 15
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

Price £450


September 9th – 13th
October 21st – 25th


17th – 21st February
20th – 24th April
11th – 15th May
13th – 17th July
10th – 14th August
7th – 11th September
19th – 23rd October
16th – 20th November

Professional development courses available

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Course description

The British Culture Course aims to promote teaching of English through engagement with British Culture.

It aims to provide teachers with a body of first-hand knowledge of topics and a practical set of classroom ideas developed with guidance from their course tutor through workshops and discussion.

Our location in central London means this course is able to involve many iconic British sights and address topics in British culture many teachers may be familiar with through course materials already.

The course is for teachers who want to deepen their understanding of British culture and history in order to be able to use this to construct more engaging, varied and relevant lessons for their own students. The course will also help teachers address issues of intercultural awareness.



The British Culture Programme is designed to provide an engaging and memorable experience which will consolidate and update participants’ knowledge about the UK by allowing them to see, hear and feel the history, culture, traditions and modern life of the country for themselves, and suggest ways in which this can be used to enhance their work in English language teaching.

The course promotes the approach to learning English language through the medium of understanding English Culture. The course will help participants to develop professionally by exploring their own experience and sharing ideas with colleagues from other European countries, whilst discovering the full range of attractions and cultural opportunities that London has to offer.



The course is hands-on and interactive, enabling participants to be fully immersed in the subject matter.

Trainer-led sessions use the techniques and approaches being discussed so that the practical application of methods can be experienced within the programme. This is supported by in-depth discussion group work. Participants will build up a bank of ideas to take back to their countries. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to experiment and think “outside the box“.

The programme includes daily afternoon visits to the best of London’s attractions and sites of cultural importance, to give the participants first-hand experience of British life and culture.



Please note the exact course content can vary depending on the needs and levels of the groups. We try our best to tailor our courses to offer the best benefit for other students.

Day 1

  • Begins with a discussion of participants’ needs and objectives for the course.
  • Next is a tour of the school area and discussion of urban renewal and the changing nature of British cities focusing on the recent renovation of the Kings Cross area.
  • A visit to the Shakespeare exhibition at the British Library with an input session on the development of British literary tradition(s)
  • A visit to the British museum with a discussion on historical importance and changing nature of international engagement contrasted with the King’s Cross renovation.

Day 2

  • Day begins with a guided study of current British culture in the media. Participant led discussion of topics of interest in current British culture, focusing on modern celebrity culture and fashion.
  • Tour of the Victoria and Albert museum with a comparison to the changing face of British fashion culture. Input session on Victorian culture and the development of “Albertopolis”.
  • Cultural tour of the South Kensington and Knightsbridge area followed by Input and participant led discussion on “What is culture?” and the part it plays in teaching English.

Day 3

  • Begins with a guided study of current English culture from the media.
  • A River-Bus ride down the River Thames to Greenwich. Participant led discussion around topics of interest in current British media.
  • Travel to Docklands with an input session on the changes in East London. “From Victorian Tunnels to the Olympic Park“.
  • Finally an input and discussion session: “Cultural impact and 12 major changes to current spoken and written English“.

Day 4

  • Participants have a guided study of current British culture from the media followed by a participant led discussion on topics of interest focusing on business and the British economy.
  • Tour of the Museum of London and then the City of London financial centre and Bangla Town. Input session “Money and multi-culturalism in Britain“.

Day 5

  • End of week revision of the topics covered.
  • Participants discuss the topic of how to integrate British culture into English classes focusing on what has been covered earlier in the course.
  • Input and discussion: “What useful materials are available?
  • Presentation of certificates and end of course feedback.

Follow Up

Participants will return to their home countries with a deeper insight and renewed enthusiasm for their profession.

They will also receive:

  • Contact details of tutors and colleagues to facilitate ongoing development and exchange of ideas
  • A Feedback Questionnaire evaluating the course and ideas collected during the programme
  • A Bibliography of suggested further reading matter