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Yes Employability was a Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership and Lifelong Learning programme targeting at increasing the employability of students in vocational training at European level.

Project Info

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Project Description

Yes Employability was a Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership and Lifelong Learning programme targeting at increasing the employability of students in vocational training at European level.

Reference of the project:

2010-1-ES1-LEO04-20661 4

Motivation for this project

Nowadays we live in the knowledge society, students need to acquire basic skills in handling ICT for creating, maintaining and improving their digital identity, their curriculum and forms of active job search mainly thinking about the new challenges brought the emergence of web 2.0.
Students need guidance to create a collective intelligence through the use of social networks, know about the employment websites in his country in the other European countries and in the common European employment sites to fight the current digital gap mainly among students form rural areas to avoid being the job market.
Students need to know how to create his digital identity where they could keep on their studies, work experience, language knowledge and information of ICT’s to become an optimal candidate to be incorporated in labour market in the most rapid an efficient way in any European Union Country.
Students need to know how to preserve his digital identity, is very important to know how to add, to delete and to modify information and know how to choose the relevant information.
The project partners are secondary and vocational training schools, companies and associations in order to deal with the issue from all points of view.

  • To let people know the importance for the students, at the participating schools, to have a digital identity as well as an Europass CV which will allow them to have access to the labour market efficiently.
  • To know the main national and European job portals.
  • To know the most appropriate professional profiles for the European labour market so as students and teachers can apply it in their training.
  • To know firsthand the production system of the implicated countries to understand the students´ necessities and expectations in a better way.
  • To know the working method and different experiences of the other countries.
  • To increase the use of the ICT and Web 2.0 tools both for the students and the teachers taking part in the project.
  • To favour the learning of foreign languages.
  • To improve the cooperation between schools and companies at European level in order to promote mobility projects.
  • To organise training workshops for the students of the participating schools and to propose training courses for teachers of  Initial Vocational Training at European level.
More information: