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Project Description

Erasmus+ – Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for adult education

While women constitute half of the world population, they are not represented in labour market at the same rate. WISED will focus over the next 2 years developing social awareness that can foster social innovation. One of the most important aspects of social development is diversity. So women, as a group, bring a critical dimension to increase the potential for innovation.

Women have a talent for thinking long term: Women are probably better wired to think in a long term way and that helps to build a protective world, a world that connects and cares, and weaves resources for the common good and the future. It doesn’t mean that men don’t/can’t do it, they just have a more linear way of delivering. We need both systems to work well.

  • A few Member States have female employment rate of 60% or below, with high differences between female and male employment rates.
  • The gender gap in part-time work remains high. Particular attention needs to be given to the labour market participation of vulnerable categories of women.
  • The impact of parenthood is reflected by the employment rate of women with children under the age of 6.
  • Women are more likely than men to assume care for elderly or dependent family members.
  • Women may also face economic disincentives to labour-force participation.
  • The gender pay gap remains high in Europe (16.3% in 2015 in the EU).
  • High gender pay gaps contribute later on to high pension gaps for women in several Member States due to lower pension contributions.

WHY WISED? We think there are two reasons why it’s easier for women to lead social enterprises than traditional businesses. Firstly, social enterprise is new and so there is a less established tradition and history of gender bias. Secondly, many social enterprises grow out of charity sector where gender balance is far more even.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE AND FEMALE EQUALITY: Flexibility and adaptability are some of the common strengths that women may bring to social enterprise. We also believe however that these qualities can lead to women being exploited and giving too much for too little. To see women rise to their full height requires a different structure in business. Social enterprise offers this opportunity.

Coordinator Generic Ambien 79Partners: Buy Phentermine Online In The UkBuy Real Phentermine 37.5Buy Xanax RomaniaOrder Valium From IndiaBuy Cheap Generic Ambien Online.

  • The Partners of WISED agree on the following underlying causes of these problems and providing a solution to them is the project goal, an absence of female role models, lack of women mentors to provide guidance and restricted access to career orientation services.
  • The main aim of the all partners is providing access to information and orientation services for women’s needs through entrepreneurship mentor application and helping women enter the labour market as entrepreneurs.
  • To accomplish this goal, a series of activities will be carried out, each building on the last with a team consisting at least 3 people. WISED will work for the same aims and targets for 2 years with 6 partners.

Keep looking for progress!!!