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Project Description

Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for school education

Coordinator Generic Ambien Not Effective – Partners Generic Ambien 79Buy Phentermine Online In The UkBuy Real Phentermine 37.5Buy Xanax RomaniaOrder Valium From India

“Research suggests we remember things better and retain them longer when we associate meaning to them using semantic encoding”

Memory Methods involve more than just training. The use of mnemonics (the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory) is an ancient art, craft and science practiced around the world. People have been training their memory for thousands of years.

How Memory Works

Memory works by making links between information, fitting facts into mental structures and frameworks. The more you are actively remembering, the more facts and frameworks you hold, the more additional facts and ideas will slot easily into long term memory.

Why Memory Doesn’t Work!

Memory getting apparently worse is that outside academia information tends not to be as clearly structured as it is in education. Where information drifts in as isolated facts, it will normally be forgotten simply because it is not actively fitted into a mnemonic.

Memory, in most people does get worse with age, but only because it is allowed to. By keeping your imagination working, your memory can get better and better as you get older.

MMBH Partners will work on and analyse good or bad case studies to question the reasons for success and failure. In addition, partners will take lessons for possible effective applications of the mechanisms underlying them.

Memory, Focus and Good Teaching Can Work Together to Help students Learn Resources to make memorizing key facts more manageable for students with special needs


Partners will work in Using 5 steps

  1. Survey
  2. Question
  3. Read (R1)
  4. Recite (R2)
  5. Review (R3)

MEMORY METHODS BRIGHT HORIZON methodology for education.

The Memory methods education for education providers will be implemented in the training methods;
a. Online Web platform,
b. Training Material – Manual of MMBH
c. Face-to-face Training Material
The overall goal is to develop automatic strategy use, as this increases efficiency when learning and studying. Initially some strategies may take more time for students and they may be hesitant to spend the extra time.

But eventually they will find that the use of strategies enhances their ability to organise and retrieve the information, consequently increasing learning efficiency.

Furthermore, we will provide concrete recommendations for students, instructors, and psychologists. For students, we will identify common pitfalls and tips for optimal implementation for each study strategy.

For instructors, we will provide recommendations for how they can assist students to more optimally implement these study strategies. For psychologists, we will highlight promising avenues of research to help augment these study strategies.

Memory Methods Bright Horizons will access powerful methods for significantly improving the power of memory. A powerful memory will help success in school, in career, and in life.

We will work in:


  • Association, Imagination and Location
  • Memory Fallacies
  • Learning Styles and Mnemonics
  • Using Mnemonics more Effectively
  • Expanding Mnemonic Systems
  • Hints on Using Mnemonics

 We will Use Memory Techniques

 Mind Tools Mnemonic Grades

  • Link Method – v. simple
  • Number/Rhyme Mnemonic – simple, effective
  • Number/Shape Mnemonic – simple, effective
  • Alphabet System – more complex
  • Journey Method – simple, powerful (Editor’s choice)
  • Roman Room Method – simple, powerful
  • Major System – complex, v. powerful

Applications of Mnemonic Techniques

  • Learning Foreign Languages
  • Using Mnemonics for Exams
  • Remembering Peoples’ Names
  • Remembering Lists
  • Remembering Words, Speeches and Quotations
  • Remembering Numbers
  • Remembering Telephone Numbers
  • Remembering Dates
  • Remembering Playing Cards

More will follow soon!