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The ELEVATION - "e-Learning Applications in Vocational Education" was a project aimed at helping teachers acquire IT competencies and use e-learning for language learning purposes.

Project Info

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Project Description

The ELEVATION – “e-Learning Applications in Vocational Education” was a Leonardo Da Vinci project aimed at helping teachers acquire IT competencies and use e-learning for language learning purposes.

Language Link’s role as a partner was to help prepare questionnaires and analyse data on what students want and what their preferred way of studying is, as well as to help prepare e-learning content, devise study plans for students with different needs and prepare manual both for teachers and learners to use e-learning efficiently.

Reference of the project

2012-1-TR1-LEO04-35488 9

Details of the project
  • E-learning platform – Buy Real Phentermine 37.5: it contains courses in English, Romanian, German, Bulgarian and Turkish. The courses are for students in VET (for the technical, economic, natural resources and protection of the environment, ICT)
  • Guide for teachers and students for using the Moodle platform. The guide is created in all partner languages (English, Romanian, German, Bulgarian and Turkish). Published with ISBN 978-973-0-17041-2.
  • Leaflets in English, Romanian, German, Bulgarian and Turkish which present information about the partners, objectives and the products of the project.
  • Workshops in Romania, UK, Turkey, Germany. Partners have presented their experience in using Moodle/exelearning
  • Conference in which the results of the project have been presented
  • Papers presented at the International Conference “Moodle Moot Romania 2013”, symposium “The Universe of Sciences” and “E- COMM LINE 2013”
More information: