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The ACES project  (Art and Culture in the European Society) took 18 young people from the UK to Spain and Italy to work in fashion houses, art galleries, design companies and auction houses. 

Project Info

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Project Description

The ACES – “Art and Culture in the European Society” project was a Leonardo Mobility project which took 18 young people from the UK to Spain and Italy to work in fashion houses, art galleries, design companies and auction houses.

Reference of the project:

2009 UK/09/LLP-LdV/PLM/163142

Details of the project:

Scholarships were given for language course and work experience abroad in museums, schools, theatres, tourism information centres and art galleries in Florence, Seville, Reggio Calabria, Brussels and Rome.

For 8 weeks, the participants worked alongside experienced staff to develop their skills and obtain the kind of work experience that is invaluable for gaining that first job.  Throughout those 8 weeks the participants not only learned vital skills from their colleagues, they also developed their Italian and Spanish language skills as well.

To prepare for their work experience each participant received 2 weeks of intensive language training.  Their lessons were in small groups, therefore allowing each student to extensively practice the language of their host country.  The practice allowed the participant to get the most out of their placement.

The Skills Attained

On returning to the UK each participant received their Europass Mobility Document. The Mobility Document records the cultural, language and work experiences of mobility programme participants and therefore outlines the unique knowledge and skills earned through the placement: an excellent way of ensuring that all the effort the participants invested in, arranging a fashion event, memorising historical facts to guide tours around museums, learning to assemble exhibition stands, etc. does not go unnoticed.


More information: