Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

The directors regard the promotion of health and safety at work to be of the utmost importance for all personnel that attend as students, work in and visit Language Link.

It is school policy to ensure that every reasonable step be taken to prevent injury and ill-health to personnel by protecting individuals from hazards at work. This also includes students and visitors to the school whether it is for pursuance of their employment or other activities.

This is approached by:

  • assessing and controlling risk as part of the day-to-day management of school activity
  • providing and maintaining safe, healthy and secure working conditions, training and instruction so that personnel are able to perform their various tasks safely and efficiently
  • ensuring that a constant awareness with regard to health and safety at work is maintained in respect of all activities within the school and during out-of-school activities
  • periodic review of the safety policy as school activities and the associated risks change

All personnel employed within the school have a legal obligation to co-operate in the operation of this policy by not interfering with or misusing equipment that has been provided in the interests of health and safety.

All employees within the school have a corresponding obligation to co-operate and comply with this policy so far as is reasonably practicable by:

  • complying with safety procedures, whether written or brought to their attention by other means for their own protection, protection of those under their supervision and others who may be affected by their actions
  • reporting to the management any incident that has led, or could have led, to damage or injury
  • assisting in any investigation with regard to accidents, dangerous occurrences or near-misses.

In line with the safety organisation set out in part 2 of this policy, it is the responsibility of all line managers to ensure compliance with safety arrangements within their areas of responsibility. From time to time, safety arrangements are adopted for the control of risk and reflect the procedures that are to be followed within the school.

Margaret Curran