Learning process and entertainment

21 Jun 2019

Learn English with Language Link London and enjoy your trip with Social Program

At Language Link London School, we have several English courses adapted for everyone. Our objective? To help you to learn English and to love this language and the culture that surrounds it.

To adapt us to everyone’s expectations, we offer you*:

  • General English Lesson. These lessons take place every morning from 9am to 12.
  • Junior Program. This program is similar to our General English courses but it is adapted for a young learners aged between 10 to 15 years.
  • English professional. This course is adapted for anyone wants to improve their professional English vocabulary and to be  more confident with business language.
  • Exam preparation. We offer guidance and coaching that will improve your exam performance!

* To discover each class, please click on its title.

To complete your English experience, you can also sign up to the Social Program and discover some places or famous establishments. For example:

  • Cambridge,
  • Oxford,
  • Greenwich park and its museum,
  • Etc.

Social program

We also offer a Social Program Junior dedicated to young people aged from 10 to 15 years. Social Programme Junior.

What are the goals for this program?

  • Improve students’ confidence to speak and understand English
  • Give students the opportunity to be immersed in British culture
  • Provide a supportive learning environment and help children make lifelong friends
  • Develop students’ collaborative skills and cultural awareness