Justine's experience in the Skills for Success course

Justine, from Belgium, talks about her experience in the Skills for Success Course, where she got some knowledge about how to enter the UK job market.
Skills for success | Language Link London
19 Jul 2018

Justine’s experience in the Skills for Success Course

skills for success

Last week I attended to the Skills for Success course at Language Link London.

Skills for Success is a programme which combines an internship and intensive course for graduates and young professionals who want to enter the UK job market.

It was an amazing experience which gave me the main keys to be ready for my next job, learning skills that university did not teach me before graduation.


Like many other students, I used to feel totally lost every time I had a job interview or need to speak in public. I was afraid of giving the wrong answer or looking stupid. I never learnt anything about how to make an appropriate CV and how to communicate with your colleagues or your boss – skills that I had the chance to improve during an entire week thanks to the Skills for Success course.

What did you learn in the Skills for Success course?

Before starting the course, the teacher asked us what we were expecting for this week and what we wanted to learn as he wanted us to take the best out of this week.

  • Improve your CV and job interview performance

We were first taught how to improve our CV, the strengths and weaknesses, what a recruiter looks at and how to catch their attention. Not only were we given advice, we also had a personalised review and feedback on our CVs.

We then learnt about job interviews. We received many typical and nontypical job interview questions and learnt how to respond to them. We also received tips about our body language and how to perform better when being interviewed for a job. The practical exercises and feedback from our peers and teacher really helped our confidence for answering questions in a job interview and by knowing what kind of behaviour we should have.

  • Business negotiation and communication

Later during the week, we experienced a bit of business negotiation and communication. We had a negotiation exercise which was really useful as it made us realise that negotiating is not as simple as it seems.

He also told us how to communicate with our colleagues, especially with our future bosses. Concerning the communication, we also learnt about companies values and ethical questions. It helped us to understand better why companies act in some ways depending on their values and ethical policy. It helped us enhance the way we should deal with certain problems at work and which steps following in this cases.

  • Public speaking

Finally, we learnt how to speak in public, how to behave according to each different type of oral discourse and audience. After performing a short presentation, we received useful feedbacks from both our peers and teacher.


Would you recommend Skills for Success?

The week was very interesting. I did learn new skills and it helped me to overcome my fears of going to a job interview or speaking in public. Moreover, our teacher had an in-depth knowledge and experience of the business world, which helped us understand better how  companies work.

If you would like to feel more confident to enter the UK Job market I highly recommend the Skills for Success course + internship programme.
More information:

To join the next session, visit our Skills For Success page or send an email to eu@languagelink.co.uk.