Internship in London: Chaoming's Story

My name is Chaoming and today is the last day of my internship in this fantastic English Language School  Language Link London.  
Chaoming's internship in London | Language Link London
25 Feb 2019

Internship in London: Chaoming’s Story

My name is Chaoming and today is the last day of my internship in this fantastic English Language School,  Language Link London.     

Now I am writing this post because it is an unforgettable experience in my life and I want to let everyone know that, not only in the centre of London, there is one of the best English School in the world, but also the importance of doing an internship abroad.

Chaoming | Language Link London

My 4-week internship at Language Link London

My internship lasted 4 weeks. It seems very long but actually it has already come to an end, although it felt like it only started yesterday. If I can, I would like to stay here for another one month or more but unfortunately, I know all good things have to come to an end.

The staff who works here is all very friendly and helpful, mostly my personal manager. She is very available and kind.

If there wasn’t any help from them, I could not do my work very well and could not have a fantastic experience like this.

Language Link London is like a big family to which members are the staff who works there. Everyone enjoys working here and growing together.  

Working in the  EU projects and marketing departments

I worked in the departments of marketing and EU projects. My main task was doing marketing research but sometimes, I was also responsible for the reception, welcoming new students, answering the phone and organising the social programme.

I really enjoyed working in this company, especially in these departments because, while I was writing a report, I had the opportunity to visit the centre of London in order to catch the information which will be needed. In the remaining time,  I worked in an open office with other people, where we could discuss with each other about work and to help each other. Consequently everyone could improve themselves.

The work was not hard and boring, it was exactly the contrary! The atmosphere was very funny. The tasks were very interesting and I had the opportunity to improve my English by meeting other people.  

How my internship will help my future

This internship was very useful in my future. It changed my life and I improved myself. Thanks to this work experience, I learnt much more than in the school and I practised what I studied at the school.

I recommend to everyone to come here because they offer a lot of good opportunities.

Doing an internship abroad is amazing and the experience is unforgettable.

Language Link London has an internship service, which means it can find a place of work suitable to your profile!

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