Internship in London: Anna's Story

I’m Anna and I had a very amazing and unforgettable experience with my internship in London. I will try to put in words the memory of this travel.
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9 Sep 2018

Internship in London: Anna’s Story

Do you want to improve your English in a very funny way?

Well, if the answer is yes, you must come to London and do an amazing work experience like I did!

I’m Anna and I did a very amazing and unforgettable experience in London. I will try to put in words the memory of this travel.

Arriving in London

I just finished  the most stressful year of my life because at school there was a lot of things to study for the final exam. Well, I  needed something different to do… like going to London. I and 14 other students arrived in London to spend the best 21 days.  

We arrived on the 26th of July and on the first three days we tried to learn as much as possible about our future home.  We tried to understand the tube. I was very afraid about the tube because I wasn’t very sure about my sense of orientation and I was a bit afraid about me alone in the tube. Now after 21 days I feel very confident in the tube and I discovered an excellent sense of orientation!

But I forgot one important thing!

The aim of the project was to improve English in a work environment.  

Indeed every single student had a different job like working in a estate agency, in a hotel as a receptionist…

Starting my internship in an English language school

Anna | Language Link LondonI worked in a school of English.

The first day I was afraid of not being able to do what was asked of me.  However I met kind, smiling people with whom I felt at home. I tried to do every single task they asked me to do.  

For the first time in my life I did an inventory! It was very interesting when I searched for a job for a woman who wanted to work in London.  I discovered a lot of different new specific words. I also helped to keep the order during a very crazy week that the employee called “fire week”!! I  felt responsible for something and part of the staff.

I was also very happy to meet other students who did the same project and I could share the ideas and also experiences.

Visiting London

Anna - Aladdin Musical | Language Link London

We worked from Monday to Friday and during the weekend we explored all the secrets of London. We visited  Madame Tussauds, the British museum, the National gallery and all the symbols of London.

The best activity we did in the UK was going to a musical. We saw “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. It was a very magnificent show… I don’t have words to describe the emotions that I had in that moment!!

Anna - The Lion King | Language Link London

I was very lucky, I found a very amazing group of “travel “ friends. We did a lot of stupid things together. In my opinion these moments cannot be written with words but remain in our minds and thoughts forever.

At the end of the experience,  I felt more self confident. I discovered a new aspect  of my personality and last but not least I felt a bit more English.

Anna - The London Eye | Language Link London

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