All about IELTS

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20 May 2019

All about IELTS

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a test that allows you to measure your English. The final result gives you an English level from 1-9.


Why do an IELTS exam?

Because it is necessary if you wish to work or study in countries such as Great-Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand or in Scandinavia. In addition it is a guarantee of quality of your English (provided you get a good score) for potential employers.


How does the test work?

There are 2 versions: one “Academic” and one “General Training”. Even if there are some differences between them, both assess you in the same way: Testing of all 4 skills. These are writing, speaking, reading and listening.

The questions come in different forms: text with holes, multiple choice questions or short answers.


Other information

This is an exam that lasts 2 hours 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for the speaking part and you will get a score between 0 and 9.

Grading scale

The final score is valid for 2 years.

In order to put the odds on your side, Language Link London offers you a curriculum dedicated to the preparation for this exam. For that, we give tips, do practice tests each week to improve all 4 language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.


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