Legal English


Quick Facts

Price per Week £500(5 days)

Lessons per Week 25
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon – Fri
Course Length 5 Days
Recommended Language Level B1-C2
Language Level for Closed Groups A2-C2
Maximum Class size 8
Centre Earls Court

English For Work

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Course description

Our Legal English in London programme uses cutting edge training methodology and communicative activities to enhance the participants’ English language skills in the legal environment.

Three Women working in Legal English

The course is perfect for legal professionals who want to improve their ability to work in English in a legal context or more experienced professionals looking to improve their ability to work internationally.

We recognise being able to work with clients and colleagues from other countries requires more than just being able to speak clearly. This is why our course delivers this legal English practice alongside a cultural programme. 

The course addresses legal English in the British cultural context so exercises done will reflect the realities of working with other lawyers in an English speaking environment. The language skills developed will benefit lawyers in all areas of practice. 

To ensure authenticity and variety, this programme includes guided visits to places of legal interest such as a tour of the Inns of Court and the legal heartland of London including the Royal Courts of Justice and the Central Criminal Court (the ‘Old Bailey’).  

The visits will engage the participants by having them experience first hand English legal life enabling them to participate in experiential learning.  This will help participants consolidate their legal English language skills through developing their skills in the real-life legal setting


The Course is designed to provide students authentic experience of performing legal tasks in English and communicating with other legal professionals in an English language context. It will also give participants some understanding of British legal culture and Common Law systems, improving their ability to understand the cultural mindset and legal terminology of other legal systems.

By the end of this course students:

  • Can communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients in a legal context
  • Can more accurately prepare written documents, including standard email communication and contracts
  • Can network more confidently and effectively
  • Can contribute to and more effectively participate in meetings
  • Will have a better understanding of Common law systems and British legal structure and culture.


  • Communicative

The programme includes communicative workshops as well as enhancing participants’ confidence in oral legal English language skills. The morning input themes and input content will be developed by the participants in their afternoon sessions so that they not only reflect on the input provided but actively engage in mini-project work and task based learning to develop their skills for real-life legal practice.

  • “Student centred”

Our courses are student centred and the content and activities depend on the needs of course participants. No two students are the same and no two of our courses are identical. Teachers take a course framework and will work with specific learner needs to tailor the lesson contents, whether that means

  • Hands-on and task-based

This approach ensures participation and the hands-on nature of the course will help participants build up a bank of task-based activities they will then be able to use within their own legal practice contexts.  This provides participants with language enhancement and confidence building using legal English in oral as well as written communication.  There is a strong focus on accuracy, which is vital in the legal context.

Follow Up

Participants may want to take our TOLES exam preparation course and exam. In this case please check with us for availability on this course when you book.