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Quick Facts



Lessons per Week 25
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon – Fri
Course Length 10 Days
Recommended Language Level B1-C2
Language Level for Closed Groups A2-C2
Maximum Class size 12
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

Price £1,000 (10 days)


April 15th – 26th
July 22nd – 2nd Aug
October 21st – 1st Nov


January 20th – 31st

*Courses are on a 2-week basis.

English For Work

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Course description

Our Legal English in London programme uses cutting edge training methodology and communicative activities to enhance the participants’ English language skills in the legal environment.

Three Women working in Legal English

The course is perfect for legal professionals who want to improve their ability to work in English in a legal context or more experienced professionals looking to improve their ability to work internationally.

We recognise being able to work with clients and colleagues from other countries requires more than just being able to speak clearly. This is why our course delivers this legal English practice alongside a cultural programme. Participants will learn about the Common law system through their language activities and practise their English skills on visits and with guest speakers

The course addresses legal English in the British cultural context so exercises done and speakers met will reflect the realities of working with other lawyers in an English speaking environment. The language skills developed will benefit lawyers in all areas of practice. 

To ensure authenticity and variety, this programme includes guided weekly visits to places of legal interest such as a tour of the Inns of Court and the legal heartland of London including the Buy Valium India Online and the Buy Phentermine Online Mexico (the ‘Old Bailey’).  

The visits will engage the participants by having them experience first hand English legal life enabling them to participate in experiential learning.  This will help participants consolidate their legal English language skills through developing their skills in the real-life legal setting


The Course is designed to provide students authentic experience of performing legal tasks in English and communicating with other legal professionals in an English language context. It will also give participants some understanding of British legal culture and Common Law systems, improving their ability to understand the cultural mindset and legal terminology of other legal systems.

By the end of this course students:

  • Can communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients in a legal context
  • Can more accurately prepare written documents, including standard email communication and contracts
  • Can network more confidently and effectively
  • Can contribute to and more effectively participate in meetings
  • Will have a better understanding of Common law systems and British legal structure and culture.


  • Communicative

The programme includes communicative workshops as well as enhancing participants’ confidence in oral legal English language skills. The morning input themes and input content will be developed by the participants in their afternoon sessions so that they not only reflect on the input provided but actively engage in mini-project work and task based learning to develop their skills for real-life legal practice.

  • “Student centred”

Our courses are student centred and the content and activities depend on the needs of course participants. No two students are the same and no two of our courses are identical. Teachers take a course framework and will work with specific learner needs to tailor the lesson contents, whether that means

  • Hands-on and task-based

This approach ensures participation and the hands-on nature of the course will help participants build up a bank of task-based activities they will then be able to use within their own legal practice contexts.  This provides participants with language enhancement and confidence building using legal English in oral as well as written communication.  There is a strong focus on accuracy, which is vital in the legal context.


Please note the exact course content can vary depending on the needs and levels of the groups as well as availability of venues and speakers. We try our best to tailor our courses to offer the best benefit for other students.

This course is focused on English language and does not provide legal training or qualifications.

Day 1: The English legal system


  • Introduction to the course and the English Legal System
  • Principle differences between Common Law and Civil Law jurisdictions
  • Vocabulary and sources of law within the Common Law system
  • The Courts system and the institutions of law
  • The legal professions in England and Wales


  • Participants will practice how to read legal documents by reading case law: understanding Precedent and establishing the ‘Ratio Decidendi’ in a Judgment – the lawyer’s key tool.  

Day 2: Communicative Strategies in the Legal Context


  • Develop and practice in-house written communication: memos, reports, emails
  • Communicating with partners and associate lawyers
  • Develop party-to-party written communication: emails; formal and informal letters
  • Negotiating and networking within the legal fraternity – Communication skills for conflict and dealing with difficult situations


  • Participants will practice informal and formal communication in the legal environment to prepare them for life as a lawyer or enhance the language skills of lawyers already working in the field.   

Day 3: Business Law and Practice


  • Commercial law and vocabulary in the commercial legal setting
  • From negotiation to a legally binding contract
  • Contract Terms and Conditions and remedies for breach of contract
  • Drafting a contract – vocabulary and principles of legal writing


  • Legal writing – Participants use a case study to practice legal writing by drafting contractual clauses.  The focus is on language enhancement and developing writing skills for commercial legal practice.
  • Guest Speaker – Contract negotiation in an international context

Day 4: Company Law and the different types of 'Legal Personality'


  • Vocabulary within the field of Company Law
  • Develop and practice language for setting up different legal entities
  • Review and discussion of the business world – mergers and acquisitions
  • Focused language and practice for establishing the value of a company
  • Vocabulary for finance: from balance sheets to cash flow and profits


  • Participants use a case study to develop and practice through role-playing complex language for company law.  The case study will involve reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a company compared to buying an existing business.

Day 5: The Legal Professions


  • Legal Professions – introduction to the work of Solicitors and Barristers
  • Advocacy in the law courts – the language of Barristers and the Judiciary
  • The language of solicitors – Interviewing and advising clients – vocabulary and speaking skills practice
  • Task based session with speaking practice and role-plays – listening and spoken strategies for information exchange.


  • Legal London Visit: A visit to one of the Inns of Court where Barristers prepare their cases for court and a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice to see Barristers and Solicitors at work.  The Royal Courts of Justice houses the High Court and Courts of Appeal, it has stunning Victorian architecture, and a legal costume exhibition. The courts were opened in an official ceremony by Queen Victoria in 1882.

Day 6: Introduction to Criminal Law


  • Introduction to criminal law in the common law system
  • Working within the criminal courts system and appeals; court applications and administration
  • Vocabulary and criminal English language development – sentencing and the role of state departments within criminal law.


  • Legal London Visit: Visit to the Central Criminal Court – the ‘Old Bailey’ in central London.  This is the most famous court in London where some of England’s most serious criminals have been tried.

Day 7: Procedures in Criminal Cases


  • Develop spoken skills for advocacy in the criminal courts
  • Language for the courtroom and comparing the adversarial and the inquisitorial systems
  • Working with the police and preparing a case for trial
  • Using and understanding Criminal Law texts for criminal lawyers
  • Preparing for a Trial: the Prosecution and the Defence


  • Oral skills practice – participants will role play a criminal court case from beginning to end.

Day 8: Communication within the Legal Environment


  • Understanding and explaining complex documentation and using legal resources.  
  • Writing formal letters and communicating by email
  • Focus on grammatical accuracy and and specific legal vocabulary for cross-party communication
  • Phone Language – Initiating and taking phone calls.


  • Participants develop their writing skills and practice, by formal letter writing with a task based led input session to focus participants language use in this  specific skills area.

  • Guest Speaker – Communication in a 21st century law office – the digitalisation of law offices and work.

Day 9: Different types of Law Firm - Magic Circle to High Street Practice


  • Understanding the different types of legal practice; as well as small; mid-sized and large law firms;
  • From private practice to public law practice and the role of Legal Aid
  • Membership of The Law Society and maintaining the legal ‘Practising Certificate’.
  • The development of a legal career and working in international law firms
  • Maintaining professionalism and issues of Professional Negligence


  • Participants develop their linguistic ability to conduct legal arguments in a discussion based on a case study of Professional Negligence.

Day 10: Networking in the Legal Community


  • Organising and hosting events – language for inviting colleagues and external parties
  • Focus on fluency – Conversational phrases for professional introductions
  • Following up – Informal writing for emails
  • British legal organisations and networks – The Inns of Court, the Law Society


  • Networking Event

Follow Up

Participants may want to take our TOLES exam preparation course and exam. In this case please check with us for availability on this course when you book.