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Order Xanax Europe

About our Programme

We run a weekly programme of activities for students, including walks, quizzes, parties, free pronunciation classes and theatre visits. We also run day and weekend trips to places outside London (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Scotland),

For more info about school trips and social activities, check the Students Room or Order Xanax.
To reserve a place on a trip, please ask at Reception.

Trips and activities in London are mainly free to attend. In other cases,  students only need to pay for their own transport, food and drink or entrance fees.

Trips outside London typically cost £18-45,  depending on how we travel and how many students attend.

Please check the event details to see the cost for any events you are interested in.

Our Full Social Programme

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on Twitter

Cheap Alprazolam

Weekend Excursions and day trips

We work with two companies which organise weekend excursions to Britain’s main attractions.

Book your tickets at reception.

Buy Valium India Online – Day trips and weekend excursions all over Britain and Europe.

Buy Phentermine Online Mexico – Affordable day trips for students all over England.

Night Life

Discover London night life and party in central London!

Tickets can be booked at the reception – You must be over 18 and bring your ID.

Buy Soma Online Usa– A guided tour in the best venues of London, queue jump club entry, free and discounted drinks.

Soma 350 Mg Street Price – Visit London best clubs in one night!

London for FREE

There’s a lot of places to visit in London that are totally free! We have a breakdown of places to visit and things to do that don’t cost anything.

Buy Sandoz Phentermine to get some ideas for your next free evening or weekend.

Other Events

London is a big place and there is a lot happening. We love going out but sadly we can’t go to everything. We encourage students to check themselves and make the most of their time in London.

Check some of these sites to see what else is happening in the Capital:

Buy Xanax Los Angeles – Famous magazine now website. Hundreds of events around London!

Cheap Phentermine Pills For Sale – App with some hidden gems in London.

Buy Adipex Capsules – Lots of London events, some are free. Useful for more professional events or networking.