Everyday English

Quick Facts



Lessons per Week6/9/15/20/30
All lessons are 50 minutes
TimesMon-Fri 09.00-11.50
Mon-Fri 09.00-12.50
Mon-Fri 09.00-15.50
Course LengthMinimum 1 week
Recommended Language LevelA1-C1 (Depending on Availability
Maximum Class size12
Centre Duke’s Road

Earls Court

6 Lessons per Week1 week – £85
9 Lessons per Week1 week – £125
15 Lessons per week1-2 Weeks – £189
3-4 Weeks – £180
5-8 Weeks £175
9-12 Weeks £169
20 Lessons per Week1-2 Weeks – £250
3-4 Weeks – £235
5-8 Weeks – £220
9-12 Weeks £205
30 Lessons per Week1-2 Weeks – £325
3-4 Weeks – £305
5-8 Weeks – £285
9-12 Weeks – £265

Every Monday


Our English courses are for students of every level, from Beginners to Advanced students.

Students are taught in small classes and our teachers begin each week with a needs analysis, ensuring the course content is best suited to the individual students in each class. While they follow an overall syllabus, teachers will tailor the course to cover the skills or English language that the students need. The lessons are activity based and students will use English in realistic settings, learning the language by doing.



  • Our 20 lesson course has a morning or afternoon General English class from 9-12pm with 1 hour of conversation each day from 12-1pm. This class focuses on improving fluency and pronunciation of spoken English using a wide variety of discussion topics and activities. It is a perfect choice for those looking to improve their English who also want more practice speaking.
  • Our 6 and 9 hour Part-Time General English courses will offer a solution for those who are not able to attend the course from Monday to Friday. These are 2 and 3 day courses.


  • Improve all 4 language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Enhance students’ familiarity with English in its natural context
  • Introduce students to British culture as part of their language learning
  • Improve students’ confidence using English in face to face as well as written communication
Language Link Timetable
General English AM

09.00 – 10.30 Lesson
20 minute break
10.50 -11.50 Lesson

Conversation Class

12.00 – 12.50

General English PM

13.00 – 14.30 Lesson
20 minute break
14.50 -15.50 Lesson