COVID-19 Information

1. What date will the school reopen for face-to-face classes?

Monday 28th September 2020


We had to close our building and put on hold our face-to-face courses when the UK government advised all UK schools to close due to Covid-19.

However, Language Link London remains open for online teaching. Our staff are working safely from home and are available to support students, agents and parents.

2. Will you also keep offering online teaching?

Of course!

If you prefer, you will be able to take any of our online courses.

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3. How will Language Link London ensure the safety of students and staff at the school?

Our safety measures will ensure students can learn safely together while maintaining social distancing:

  • we have reduced the number of students per class to better enable social distancing according to UK government guidelines
  • break times will be staggered so students are not moving around the corridors or in communal areas at the same time. Teachers will advise of break times on arrival.
  • classes will be distributed across the building in ways to ensure maximum distance among them
  • one-to-one lessons will be held in classrooms big enough to socially distance
  • classrooms will be sanitized after each session
  • hand sanitizer will be available on each floor
  • hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom
  • the school building will be cleaned and sanitized every day
  • hallway doors will be open to aid ventilation and so students and staff don’t need to touch the doors
  • classrooms doors will be left open for ventilation and to minimise contact with surfaces
  • online and digital resources will be used whenever possible
  • students will have their own personal course material
  • teachers will wear masks, if this is current UK government guidance in September, and will maintain social distancing in classrooms
  • students will be encouraged to wear masks, if this is current UK government guidance in September, and any student who would prefer to wear a mask, even if guidance has changed, will be welcome to.

We are keeping up-to-date and will follow all NHS and government advice as it issued.

4. How will my first day in the UK be affected by Covid-19 precautions?

  • student inductions will be delivered online
  • student registration will be completed digitally
  • we will ask for photos of passports to be sent digitally pre-arrival, so we won’t need to handle your passport
  • all language level testing will be done online pre-arrival
  • students will be asked to declare whether they have felt unwell prior to arrival
  • some students may have to quarantine on arrival in the UK. If this happens, we will make sure they are looked after until they can join us in the school in person.
  • many countries are on the UK government’s safe list and people travelling from those countries will not have to quarantine on arrival in the UK. You can see the full list and keep up-to-date on the latest information from the UK government at: You will receive a warm welcome on arrival in the UK from us either way.

5. What happens if I have to quarantine on arrival to the UK?

Many countries are on the UK government’s safe list and people travelling from those countries will not have to quarantine on arrival in the UK.

You can see the full list and keep up-to-date on the latest information from the UK government at:


In case you will have to quarantine on arrival in the UK, you will receive a warm welcome on arrival from us and we will make sure you are properly looked after.

You will need to give border control the address of where you are staying and how you are travelling there (you can book a private transfer to the residence through Language Link London). Your homestay host or Language Link London staff if you are in a residence will provide support and help with food and other items that you need while quarantining.

You can learn online with Language Link London teachers and classmates until you can join us at the school.

6. What happens if I get symptoms of Covid-19 while studying at Language Link London?

We have protocols in place for this situation and will make sure the student who is ill is well cared for, and that other students are safe.

Students need to let us know straight away if they feel unwell – by call, WhatsApp, text or the Language Link London emergency number. Full details will be given in their starter pack.

7. What accommodation options are available and what procedures are in place to make them safe?

All our accommodation options will be available for your course from September: homestay student residencies, and hotels.

Language Link London works with

Our accommodation partners are all strictly implementing UK government recommendations to ensure safety (more detailed information is available on their websites).

8. How will I get to and from the airport safely?

The airport transfers will be in taxis allocated for Language Link London and will have a partition between the passenger and the driver. The taxis will be sanitized after each passenger journey.

For now, we won’t be offering shared transfers from the airport, unless you are arriving with someone and request to book a transfer together.

9. Will I be able to socialise with other students outside of class?

The UK Government is gradually easing restrictions.

Under current government guidelines, people can meet up with up to six other people as long as they are outside and stay at least one metre apart (preferably two metres).

You can also socialise indoors with another person, or people, from one other household.

London has many parks and green spaces for you to enjoy with new friends. Did you know London has 3,000 parks that are open to the public? 18% of London is free open green space. There are also eight royal parks in the city to enjoy.

There are also so many landmarks and famous sights in London to enjoy from outdoors: Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, London’s iconic Tower Bridge and Millennium Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The Beatles Abbey Road zebra crossing, street artists in Covent Garden – the list goes on and on!

Museums, galleries, cafes, restaurants and many more attractions are now open.

Face masks must be worn in shops.

Keep up-to-date with the latest UK government advice on what you can and can’t do.

10. What is the cancellation policy if I book a course now and then I am unable to attend or the school doesn't open?

Please click here to find all the relevant information