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Buy Ambien Reddit

How early do I need to apply for a course?

Our courses are in high demand and we recommend getting the application process started as soon as possible. We are able to accept applications up to six months before your chosen course dates.

As a general rule, we recommend you apply at least four weeks before your chosen course date to avoid disappointment. We are busiest during the summer months, so we recommend applying as early as possible for those courses.

However, please do apply if it is nearer to the start date as there may well be places still available.

Can I do the course if English is not my first language?


If English is not your native language, you can still take the course provided that your English language skills are sufficient to complete all written assignments and teaching practice requirements to Cambridge University standards. This means your English must be proficient.

You are a Proficient User of English if you can:

  • understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and recognise implicit meaning.
  • understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can summarise information from spoken and written sources.

How do I reserve my place on a course?

Places on our courses are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a candidate has completed the application process and is accepted to do the CELTA course, they are able to pay a deposit to reserve a place on any course that has availability.

For more information about the application process, go to our Buy Xanax In Las Vegas.

How demanding is the CELTA course?

The CELTA is often described by graduates as the most rigorous and rewarding course they have ever done. Trainees put in a lot of hours each day into planning lessons, teaching, writing assignments and participating in class, which means they often have to put their social life aside so they can dedicate full days to achieving everything the CELTA expects of them.

Despite the demanding schedule, trainees also say they have never learned so much in such a short period of time. 100% attendance is expected and you’re not just a student – you’re a teacher trying out what you learn, as well.

That said, the support you receive on the course is considerable. The trainer-to-trainee ratio is 1 to 6 (maximum), so you will have a great deal of help from your trainer at all times. In general, you will get out of the course what you put into it.

Can I talk to a trainer before I start the course?


A time will be arranged for you to talk to one of our CELTA trainers during the application process. During this time you will be able to ask any questions you have about the CELTA course, our centres or about teaching English around the world.

What is the pass rate at Language Link?

We pride ourselves on the work we do to ensure our trainees successfully complete the CELTA course. This begins at the application stage, where we interview every applicant to ensure that the CELTA is the correct course for them and that they are able to complete it successfully. In addition, our trainers provide support (through private tutorials) for any trainee who needs it.

This is why Language Link pass rate – at 98% – is so high.

How important is it to know English grammar?

At Language Link we understand that most native speakers of English will not have been taught English grammar at school. That is why we provide a Language Link grammar module, included in the fees, for study before the course. During the course we provide extra support for those struggling with grammar.

Does Language Link provide accommodation?


Language Link provides Buy Diazepam Wholesale at an additional cost for any trainee who needs a place to stay during the course. To cater to different needs, we try to find a range of accommodation options near the centre.

Call us to discuss Buy Liquid Valium Online: + 44 (0) 207 370 4755

The ‘A’ in CELTA stands for ‘adults.’ Does that prevent me from teaching children?

Yes, the “A” stands for adults, but many of the skills and techniques you learn on the course are transferable and we also include a session on teaching Young Learners.

There is such a strong market abroad for young learner classes that most teachers will teach them at some point, and many of our graduates go on to specialize in working with young learners. There is also very high demand for CELTA teachers to teach young learners in the United Kingdom during the summer months (June-August) during which around 250,000 young learners come to the UK.

Where do most Language Link graduates go to teach?

Most of our graduates go on to teach in Asia, South America and Europe. Some also teach right here in the United Kingdom. You will find Language Link graduates in virtually every corner of the world!

What quality controls are implemented by Cambridge University?

Cambridge University is extremely proud of its reputation as a world-class academic institution, which is evident in Cambridge’s thorough evaluation of each CELTA to ensure the quality of every course. This includes:

  • All centres are inspected by Cambridge University
  • Every course is visited by an external assessor from Cambridge University
  • Every centre is assigned a Joint Chief Assessor who monitors standards at the centre
  • Cambridge University validates the qualifications and experience of every CELTA trainer as well as oversees the comprehensive training that new CELTA trainers complete
  • Cambridge University implements a standardisation process for centres, trainers, assessors and Joint Chief Assessors

You are assured of the quality of your CELTA course and the training you will receive, which is one of the reasons why the CELTA certificate is held in such high regard around the world.

Is my CELTA certificate issued by Cambridge University?

The CELTA certificate is issued by Cheap Valium Online Australia, which is part of Cambridge University.

If you still have unanswered questions, then feel free to Generic Ambien Not Effective directly.

Call an Advisor now on: +44 (0) 20 7370 4755 or schedule a Skype call with an advisor or email us at Generic Ambien 79