How CELTA is Assessed

Assessment is continuous and there are no examinations. Regular feedback will be given on candidates’ progress and extra support where needed. Passing the CELTA requires meeting criteria set by Cambridge e.g. Candidates must use multiple methods of presenting a language point to the class, candidates must present a lesson plan featuring appropriate aims and relevant exercises, etc. These criteria allow for 4 outcomes: Not meeting them is a fail. Meeting the basic standard is a Pass. Meeting the more in depth standard is a Pass B. Exceeding the extended standard is a Pass A. There is no great mystery in what you need to do, although this doesn’t mean it is easy! Our tutors will provide guidance and support to ensure that all candidates achieve a Pass. They will also go the extra mile to help candidates who are near a borderline to get the best result they can.

Why do a CELTA Course?

The University of Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults is a recognised first-class introduction to the English teaching profession. It assumes no previous experience of teaching and is ideal for those who want to teach English in language schools in the UK or abroad. Language Link has run teacher training courses for over 20 years, and has run the CELTA since its creation in 2001, turning out thousands of graduates who have gone on to teach all over the world. Our experienced teaching team has also trained many qualified teachers as CELTA trainers themselves.

Who can apply?

  • Applicants must have either a degree or standard of education which would permit entry to higher education
  • Applicants must have a good standard of written and spoken English
  • Candidates should be 20 years of age or over. Candidates between 18 and 20 can be accepted at our discretion
  • Non-native speakers must have a high level of English. Formal qualifications are not necessary but the level should be that of C2 in the Common European Framework.
  • All applicants must take a Language Aptitude Test and have an interview. This normally takes place on Language Link premises but may also be done at a distance.

All candidates will be given a grammar module provided by Language Link prior to starting the course. This presents grammar in a very simple and easy to follow format, which will be extremely helpful for the course.

Candidates will also be expected, during the course, to study and to prepare for teaching outside of the scheduled hours. The CELTA course is an intense but extremely rewarding course.

More details on the CELTA course can also be found on the Cambridge ESOL website 

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Completing my CELTA at Language Link provided me with the practical skills and subject based knowledge necessary for professional development in the TEFL world. The well-known intensity of the CELTA, coupled with Language Link’s equally well-known supportive environment makes the four weeks an invaluable and surprisingly enjoyable learning experience for anyone considering this field as a career.

The input lessons, in particular, were highly engaging. The trainers demonstrated all the techniques that we were expected to put into practice, whilst also drawing upon their own diverse experience to help us contextualise each new skill. All in all, my main takeaway from the course was the dedication, availability and kindness that the trainers always showed us – continuously fostering in students the self-confidence necessary to handle the many future challenges that teaching has in store. This is to the extent that Language Link even continues to support its students post-CELTA in obtaining work (here or abroad) and providing much needed work experience at its own school. Two years on and I have since worked at Language Link (clearly a testament to that fact!) as well as a primary school in the Middle East. Undoubtedly, I would not be in the position that I am in today, without the continued support of the Language Link team.

Aysha Abdulrazak, Alumni