What are the Best Places to Teach English?

Madrid, Spain. Complete a London CELTA course & live abroad.
26 Dec 2017

What are the Best Places to Teach English?

If you’re considering teaching English as a foreign language, then the world truly is your oyster. There are job opportunities in the farthest reaches of the globe, with almost 2 billion people speaking and learning English around the world today. Read on for our list of the some of the most exciting job markets for teachers of English as a foreign language at the moment:


With its lush landscapes and bustling cities, Vietnam is an exciting destination to head to. There are so many incredible sights, sounds and smells to take in. There’s an amazing amount of culture and history to experience, as well as spectacular nature reserves to explore.

Vietnam currently has one of the biggest demands for English language teachers in all of Asia. Head to the capital of Ho Chi Minh City for a job opportunity in one of the many language schools there. There are also smaller towns where thousands are hoping to learn English. Salaries are actually surprisingly good in the capital, and the cost of living is really low. Vietnamese schools prefer to hire native English speakers, so completing a Language Link CELTA course in London would certainly be to your advantage.


Poland is an emerging economic market and they’re currently experiencing a rise in demand for English language teachers. Other than the job market, there’s a lot of wonderful architecture and cultural highlights on offer in the major Polish cities such as Krakow and Warsaw. If you’re an EU citizen, it’s fairly easy to get an English teaching job here. The food is great, the people extremely welcoming, and there are some fantastic areas of natural beauty to go and see.


Since they hosted the Olympics in 2016, Brazil is continuing to grow as a major global economic force. There is now a major demand for English language teachers there. And let’s face it, it would be a pretty exciting experience to spend some time in Brazil! You can earn very well in Brazil depending on where and who you’re teaching, and with it being such an enormous country, there are lots of options in terms of where to head to first.


Another of the countries in Europe with a growing demand for English teachers is Spain. The city of Madrid is an ideal spot to kick off your job search, or you could opt for the bustling vibes of Barcelona and be closer to a beach. The climate will make a welcome change from the UK, and it’s easy to travel around. Lots of people choose to make Spain their first experience of living abroad, and why not? Spanish is a great language to learn if you plan on visiting other parts of the world in the future, the cuisine is fantastic, and if you’re from Britain or anywhere else in Europe, it’s easy to visit back home whenever you wish.


Probably the biggest job market in the world for teaching English as a foreign language due to the sheer size of the population is China. It’s also one of the most lucrative places to teach English overseas, too, with many English teachers receiving benefits such as free accommodation and free airfare on top of good salaries. Add that to the relatively low cost of living, and China is certainly one of the most desirable places to teach English abroad. In order to work in one of the major cities, you’ll likely have to commit to a minimum period of stay (normally 6 months), and meet certain education and work experience requirements, such as a Bachelor’s degree.If you’d like to learn more about Language Link CELTA courses in London, contact us today!