What are the Best Films to See for English Learners?

Watching films is a great way to practice your English skills and develop your vocabulary. What are the best film to watch for language learners?
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1 Jan 2018

What are the Best Films to See for English Learners?

Language level: Intermediate

Watching films can be a great way to practice your English when you are learning it as a new language. We can pick up all kinds of interesting and surprising things, such as an accent, an expression, or a piece of grammar that you’ve only just studied in class.

The other fantastic thing about films is that they are so much fun! They get us thinking, talking, developing and sharing opinions.

Here are three films that are great for learning English.

Toy Story

Toy Story is so cleverly written that everyone can relate to its characters and story. It’s brilliantly entertaining for children, but it’s also fun for adults. This results in a film that is engaging and simple to follow, with vocabulary that is natural and never too complicated.

Also, it’s full of fantastic individual scenes – so you don’t need to watch the whole film to enjoy it or learn from it.

Harry Potter

The stories of the magical wizard and his adventures are very good for language students to practice. This is especially true with the first two movies, which are simpler to understand.

Another great thing about this series? Well, if you are studying English courses in London, you can go and see a lot of the locations where the movies were filmed. There is of course the famous platform 9¾ at Kings Cross Station, for example. Today it even comes with half a Hogwarts trolley, caught midway between the Muggle world and the Hogwarts Express on the other side!

Ok, it might not be real magic – but it still provides an awesome photo op for all fans (and language learners) of the film series.

Cast Away

In Cast Away, Tom Hanks is stuck on a desert island all by himself – and because he spends most of the film completely alone, the dialogue comes in the form of monologues. This means that he is talking to himself.  

With no complex characters or relationships to remember and interpret, you can simply enjoy observing Tom Hanks as he delivers one of his most memorable performances.