We offer three categories of accommodation services at Language Link.

  1. Homestay
  2. Self-Catered Accommodation
  3. Hotel

London is an extremely busy city and a significant tourist destination, especially in the summer months (June-August). It is recommended to book at least 10 weeks in advance if you are planning to visit during this time and we recommend booking 6 weeks in advance at other times.

We work closely with a range of accommodation providers.

We will always try our best to place you in your first choice of accommodation but, especially if we don’t have enough notice, this is not always possible. We will inform you of any problems and do our best to communicate what is happening and ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable stay in London.

1. Homestay

This is our most popular accommodation type and one we strongly recommend to students visiting.

Staying with an English speaking host is not only a unique opportunity to help with your English studies but also a chance to learn about genuine British culture from British people.

Language Link works with Britannia and Hosts International to recruit Homestay hosts.

Staying with British hosts is also generally more economical than buying and cooking for yourself (certainly more than eating at restaurants). As such many students look to make the most of this.

Our homestays are divided into 3 main categories based on their distance to central London, the size of the room and overall quality of the house.

Our categories are more a guideline of the overall quality of homestay accommodation. Individual options below have more details on what you should expect.

In case you are dissatisfied with any one host we can arrange for you to move, you can find more details on changes or cancellations for accommodation in our terms and conditions.

2. Self-Catered Accommodation

This is typically in rented apartments or student accommodation and will have an individual bedroom with a shared kitchen. This gives students a greater measure of independence but does tend to be a little greater in terms of costs.

3. Hotel

We can arrange for hotel accommodation in advance for students as well.

There are a large number of hotels very close to the school, although per night costs in central London can make this a difficult option for students on longer courses. We can also arrange for less expensive hotels farther out of the centre and provide directions for you to get to and from the hotel.

Prices for hotels can vary considerably so please book this accommodation and give us additional information regarding what you would like.