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Buy Valium England

Professional Development, Erasmus +

I have already been able to use quite a lot of what I learned in my own classes, so I am really happy I took the course. And I already miss spending time in London!

Joni De Mol, Belgium, Teacher

‘ i’m very satisfied with the course and happy about the skills of both teachers. As a person I can easily get bored but I didn’t get bored during the course “
‘ I really loved the course. It will be very useful for my teaching. As a language teacher, I improved my methodology knowledge. I broadened my knowledge about the British Education System and the school visit was very helpful”

Cennet Tunc, Turkey, Teacher

‘I liked how the course was structured. We learned a lot about British Culture in real life. Our tutors were really nice and answered all our questions. Everything on the course was perfect’

Anna Kowalczyk, Poland, Teacher

I spent two weeks of July at school in Language Link London. I was very satisfied. The teachers approach was very professional. They were friendly, kind and wonderful to work with…. I recommend this school to everyone interested about courses in English. Thank you so much I really appreciated these two weeks.

Litvin Janka, Teacher
Picture of woman

“The course on creative methodology I followed at Language Link allowed me to challenge my conceptions of EFL teaching and deepen my reflection on the implications of the methodological choices we make. Discussing with teachers from other European countries was thought-provoking too, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All this in a very friendly and welcoming environment… what more can we ask? Another course, please, quickly!”

Veronique Henin, Belgium, Teacher

” I had a marvellous time in London, spent with increadibly warm-hearted people and I’ ve learnt lots of innovated and useful methods of language teaching!”

Dimitrina Georgieva, Bulgaria, Teacher

English Language Students

I would like to thank you for all you did for me.
The school and my teacher were simply terrific!
It was a very good experience, I learnt a lot and it was fun at the same time!

Thanks a lot once again.

Vivian, Italy, Student

I wanted to tell you that I miss everyone so much, you guys were incredible and I’ll always be very thankful for all you did for me.

Now, I’m studying medicine in the university and it’s amazing, I really love it… yes, it’s hard sometimes but I know the sacrifices will pay off in the future. People in the university said that I have a very good English level so I’m learning French now which it’s awesome as well.

Laura Neira, Columbia, Student

My overall score at the IELTS test was 7.5. many thanks to everybody, especially to Mike of course-best teacher ever- and to Gabi. I’m starting my private practice, so if anyone needs a psychologist or a psychotherapist feel free to contact me.’

Elena Brogi, Italy, Student