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Buy Diazepam Liquid |Buy Diazepam From China

Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart

Language Link has created a Franchise system that provides investors with a model for business success and your students with English Mastery.

The study pathway addresses all English language needs of students from the ages of 4 through to 17, and beyond. These years are the foundational years for language learning, and will determine later success at university and in professional life.

The Language Link pathway represents 40 years of international experience running centres and teaching English across the globe. We have particularly absorbed experiences from Asia, notably China and Vietnam.

Our centre business and management system caters to the specific needs of Asian investors in education, and to students who have heavy school schedules, limited access to native speakers, and are highly motivated to learn. The Language Link system is fully integrated with various components, and provides a comprehensive business model and learning pathway.

In Good Company

Language Link has more than 50 centres worldwide and we are growing again


We have schools in six countries and the list is growing


We have several thousand qualified staff teaching in schools around the world.


Language Link schools teach more than 250,000 students around the world.

Our Franchise Package Includes

All course materials, including:
      – Student Books
      – Teacher Books
      – Homework Books
      – Supplementary activities
      – Testing system
A custom-made CRM to help manage your clients and students
An online learning system to help students learn at home
Complete set of guideline manuals
Full support to help you set up and manage centres


Order Xanax

Generic Ambien Cost At Walmart

Language Link can assist you in running successful centres. Our own centres routinely generate between 15 –25% Profit Margin each year, and we can make this possible for you in your region. The Language Link pathway teaches English using a first-language methodology and is identical to the method that native speakers learn with.

At the Kindergarten levels, the course includes many of the approaches developed and perfected by the Montessori approach, where English is not just a subject to learn, but where the world, relationships, and social skills are explored and developed using English. The aim is for students to begin to think in English, the foundation of true mastery.

As students progress through the Primary sections of the pathway, more advanced language, learning and social skills are developed. At the Middle schools stages, students will be acquiring skills and abilities to enable them to succeed in more demanding academic environments, able to score well in school exit and entry tests, as well as international tests that they may be required to take if seeking placement in top level schools abroad.

More Information

The Tiddly Links Programme


The kindergarten program is for the ages 4 to 7, and consists of 6 levels, each level studied over about 6 months. The program provides for 2 hour lessons, which can be divided into one hour blocks. This enables both continuous and serial delivery, so the very young learner program can fit into a general kindergarten curriculum, or be taught more intensively at a language centre.

Designed by Experts

The Tiddly Links program is a highly specialised course designed by “early years learning” experts from the USA. It is designed for class rooms of 15 – 20 students, and can be used for larger groups. The methodology used is a combination of native English-speaking communicative approaches, and incorporates classic Montessori approaches which encourage an holistic learning experience:

The Montessori Experience

  • A focus on the “special needs” of children, characterised by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.
  • Students have choice of activity from a prescribed range of options.
  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time.
  • A “discovery” model is used, where students learn concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction.
  • Students have periods where they enjoy freedom of movement within the classroom.

Tiddly Links program includes

  • Student Books: For use by the child in class.
  • Materials Books: For use by the teacher and child, and contain materials for special activities.
  • Parents Books: A guide for parents on how to assist the child’s learning at home.
  • Teacher Induction Books: A preparation guide for teachers, on how to use the course and materials for optimal student learning.
  • Special assessment: The early levels of the course have no formal assessment, as is consistent with a Montessori approach. Assessment at these stages is through in-class teacher observation.
  • Guided homework: activities and exercises for completion at home.
  • The Tiddly Links course provides a complete English course for pre-school students, and is foundation preparation for the Up Link course.

Up Link & Road Trip:

Well Designed Courses

These courses have been designed in a highly structured and supportive manner, providing a full course of study with various interesting and complimentary parts. Each of Up Link and Road Trip consist of 10 Student Books, with Up Link covering the ages 7 to 12, and Road trip 12 to 17. Each book can be studied over a full semester.

Up Link and Road Trip courses are further supported by Homework Books and Self – Study On Line components.

Student Books

Student books: Each page of the Student’s Book represents a 45 minute lesson. Two pages can be taught together for a 90 minute lesson, and three pages for longer sessions when required.:

Teacher Books

The Student Books are supported by Teacher Books, in which teacher lesson plans are provided for each single page of the Students Book. The lesson plans are step-by-step, minute-by-minute teaching guides that show teachers how to teach each part of the student book. The lesson plans include supplementary activities, tips and advice for teachers. Newly graduated teachers with little experience will find the lesson plans to be a golden resource that will provide on-the-job training, and they also serve as a time saver and strong foundation for experienced teachers to expand upon further.

Homework Books

Homework books are directly linked to the Students Books, with each two pages of the Students Book being reflected in one page of the Homework book. The Homework Books provide direct revision and practice of in-class lessons with various activities including: grammar and structure quizzes; vocabulary building; reading & writing practice; crosswords and word finding games; sentence and paragraph development activities; minor research tasks in which students find out about new words and phrases. The homework books can be used flexibly, as homework, as revision, as test preparation, or as an in-class resource.

Online Study

The online study course is also directly linked and integrated into the in-class program. It is meant to be studied immediately after in – class lessons, to provide immediate revision and extension, reinforcing classroom learning and challenging students further with extended activities.

The on-line course includes various exciting types of activities that will engage students and make learning at home fun and engaging. The course also focuses on accuracy and success. Students must succeed at each section before moving onto the next stage. The online course has been developed using an intuitive design method that is both fun and discovery focused.

In combination, the Online Course and Homework Books provide students with ample resources to continue to learn English even when they are not in class. This is critical as the learning process is activated by regular and various engagement.

Flexible Delivery Modes

Language Areas

Tiddly Links, Up Link and Road Trip can be delivered in independent centres, government and private schools.
They have been designed to be taught as stand alone courses, or within a broader Government curriculum. Tiddly Links lessons are generally longer to meet Montessori requirements of uninterrupted work time. However the Up Link and Road Trip programs can be taught in 45 minute, or 90 minute lessons, and so can be integrated into a Primary or Middle School syllabus.
Language Link Vietnam has a successful outreach program in which our Primary and Middle school courses are delivered at Government schools as part of the students total course of study. This allows students to learn English within their regular weekly schedule without the need to study extra classes in the evening at a centre that may be far away. Similar programmes could be delivered by franchise operators.

All Language Link courses cover the essential skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Critical to teaching these skills is providing diverse learning options (in-class, online, at home), diverse learning activities, and exciting context to the lessons and courses. For example, the Up Link course is set around a futuristic family, while Road Trip is set around the exploits and world travels of a young music band. These contexts provide high levels of student engagement, and motivate students to want to learn.

Franchise Interest Form
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    If you would like to register an interest in starting a Language Link franchise in your country, please complete this very simple form and we will be in touch.
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