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Buy Adipex Australia

Language Link was established in 1975 and is now one of the most successful international language training organisations. Our London school is accredited by the British Council and we are members of English UK. Our teacher training school is recognised by Cambridge ESOL. Language Link also has excellent links with a number of major UK Universities. Language Link has partner schools throughout the world in China, Russia, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.

For over 40 years the Language Link name has earned a reputation as a provider of high quality training to students from more than 50 countries around the world.

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The world has changed quite a bit since we first opened our doors. In 1976 our students were primarily from Iran, our teachers were exclusively British and had a general education background without any specific TEFL training. In the time we’ve been open we have seen the student populations change, the professionalisation of English language teaching and the wider formalisation and oversight of the industry. We have enthusiastically been a part of this wider accreditation and vetting of the industry through British Council accreditation and becoming members of English UK.

Language Link started as a London based organisation and still maintains its heart in London and the UK but with the rise of general globalisation and English as an international language we have also moved farther afield. We first went to Eastern Europe in 1991 establishing schools and partnerships in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. From there we ventured into Russia and then farther afield to Vietnam and China! More recently in 2013 we opened our first school in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In all these countries we operate a variety of services. As well as general English language tuition, the first thing we ever offered, we run junior camps, school outreach programmes, specialised training for businesses, university preparation, teacher training and much more besides! 

Buy Adipex Australia

When you first arrive at school, the Registrar will meet you and present you with a Welcome Pack. After a short written test, our Director of Studies will interview you to decide on your level of English so we can recommend the most suitable class for you.


Visa application and renewal

Detailed information on visa requirements for studying in the UK.

Airport transfers

Helping to get you to and from airports.


Years of experience have enabled us to put together different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences and budgets.

The Social Programme

Helping you make friends and settle during your stay.

Work Experience

Finding work experience that’s right for you.


We offer teaching English of the very highest standard in a warm and welcoming school:

  • our permanent teachers are DELTA qualified and all our teachers have CELTA
  • an excellent social programme to entertain you
  • an accommodation service
  • full support and advice throughout your time with us
  • plus the advantage of a central location



In the Heart of London

Language Link is located at 6 Duke’s Road, in the heart of Bloomsbury central London, built by 19th century master builder, Thomas Cubitt. The area is famous for its literary connections, Charles Dickens, W.B. Yeats and the “Bloomsbury Group” also Bloomsbury Publishers, the original publishers of Harry Potter. In the vicinity of the school you can find University of London and its colleges UCL, SOAS, the Institute of Education, the British Library and the British Museum.

Cheap Alprazolam



Language Link teachers are friendly, helpful and professional. Using a variety of modern resources and teaching techniques, they will rapidly improve your ability to use English in social or business situations. Lessons are planned around core elements of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, with a special emphasis on speaking, listening, reading and writing.


The school is a well-equipped language college with modern facilities. There is a computer room with free Internet access and a comfortable students’ room for you to relax in. Our library has a good selection of books and you can also borrow CDs and DVDs. We also have a WiFi connection to give students free unlimited access to the Internet on their personal laptops.


Language Link takes a cooperative approach to learning, based on the principles that students can learn from each other as well as from the teacher, and that one of the teacher’s most important jobs is to provide opportunities within the classroom to allow this learning to happen.