18 May 2020

Top Tips to Improve your English Speaking Skills

Language level: Intermediate When we learn a language, we all imagine ourselves in conversation with native speakers, talking fluently about different subjects – we want to have fantastic conversation skills. But what’s the best way to improve our speaking skills? What are the best tips for getting better at talking in English? Check out these...
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11 May 2020

Tips to improve your English from home

Learning another language is always a good idea: it trains your brain and helps you being in contact with other people and cultures. However, sometimes it can be tricky to find some time to practice and improve. If this is your case and you really want to learn English check the following tips; with a...
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9 May 2020

5 Things I did to Improve my English

5 Things I did to Improve my English Language level: Intermediate As someone who has always been interested in languages, I found there were a few things that really helped me get better with my English skills. If you are thinking of how to develop your English, here are my tips on the 5 best...
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26 Apr 2020

Reasons to do a language exchange in London

Summer is the time we all are waiting for: longer days, nice weather, holidays… Why not take advantage of your free time and study English in London? These are the reasons you need to come to London this summer to improve your English skills:   Learning English Opens Doors There is no doubt English one...
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11 Apr 2020

Effective Learning Strategies: Benefits of Interactive Teaching

Over the decades there has been considerable talk and research related to different styles of learning. For years, people were thought to each have a specific style of learning that worked best for them. Now researchers believe that it may be more complicated than simply breaking down learning styles into groups such as visual learning,...
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3 Mar 2020

How to become a qualified English teacher

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world: nowadays almost everybody learns English as a second language at school and it is one of the main languages in business. So, if you love English and teaching is your passion or you are just looking for adventures around the world, why not becoming...
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7 May 2019

Language Link opened a new franchise at Thanh Hoa

Language Link was established in 1975 and is now one of the most successful international language training organisations. Our company has partner schools throughout the world in China, Russia, Vietnam and Uzbekistan. While we’re a great option for studying English in London, most people study English outside of the UK. On the 20th April 2019,...
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2 May 2019

How do you plan to spend your summer ?

Summer is coming!   Do you want to have a productive holiday? If so, what about a language study holiday? Make the most of your summer and learn English. Be curious, be confident and improve your skills. Why do a language study holiday with Language Link London? Because we offer you different lessons which are...
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24 Apr 2019


My name is David King and I am Head of Teacher Training for Language Link London. I am often asked two questions about grammar by applicants for the CELTA course. The first question is “Do I need to understand all of grammar before I start the course?” and the answer is definitely, “No”. The second...
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10 Apr 2019

My visit to Westminster Abbey

Hi there! 😉  My name is Giano, I am an intern at Language Link London and I want to tell you about my visit to Westminster Abbey. Source: http://miriadna.com/preview/westminster-abbey Arrival and first impression at Westminster Abbey I arrived to the Abbey and was immediately impressed by the size of it and the extensive decoration on...
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