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Buy Ambien With Prescription

Terms and conditions For English Language Students

The conditions below set out the terms and conditions between you, the student, and Language Link London.

Minimum age for students on General English programmes is 16 years old

Medical, travel and course insurance

It is highly recommended that you get comprehensive travel, repatriation, medical and course insurance to cover your period of international study. Where less than ten days’ notice is given so you should look for comprehensive insurance that covers reimbursement of fees.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions


All fees are payable in advance. If you wish to cancel, change or postpone your booking, we require ten days’ notice in writing. Where less than ten days’ notice is given, full fees are due and no refund is available (with the exception of accommodation fees).

Homestay and Shared House Accommodation

Seven days’ notice is required in order to cancel accommodation. Where less than seven days’ notice is given there will be a charge equivalent to two weeks of the accommodation. The remainder will be refunded less the deposit.

Residential Accommodation

The cancellation policy for this type of accommodation differs depending on the residence selected. You will be informed of the applicable cancellation policy when your residential option is confirmed.

Cancellations and refunds once you have started your course.

If you decide to cancel your booking shortly before you arrive, the following fees will be payable:

Cancellation up to 7 days before start date:
Course fees: Full refund
Homestay fees: Full refund less deposit
Residence fees: 1 week of accommodation fees payable

Cancellation fewer than 7 days before start date:
Course fees: No refund
Homestay fees: 2 weeks of accommodation fees payable
Residence fees: 2 weeks of accommodation fees payable

Cancellation on or after start date:
Course fees: No refund
Homestay fees: 2 weeks of accommodation fees payable
Residence fees: 3 weeks of accommodation fees payable

Please note changes or cancellations on or after arrival require 7 days written notice. When arranging student accommodation Language Link is acting in good faith and as the supplier’s agent. We do not accept any responsibility for the acts/defaults of third parties.

Cancellations and refunds where the School terminates the contract

The School reserves the right to terminate the booking without refund, where the students’ acts or omissions are such that it would be unreasonable for them to continue their studies in the School. Please note that a student’s tuition may be terminated at any point during its duration if a student is found not to have leave to remain in the UK or breeches the conditions of his/her leave.

Attendance and students’ holidays

Students are expected to attend lessons regularly and on time. Students are not entitled to refunds if they are late, absent, or leave before the course ends. Students attending courses of 36 or more weeks duration may take a holiday of four weeks without losing their course fee for the period providing at least four weeks’ notice is given.

Course Availability and Cancellation

Every attempt will be made to place you on the course of your choice. However, Language Link London cannot guarantee a particular course and timetable until you have taken an entry test and had an interview. In the event of insufficient applications for a course, the school reserves the right to offer an alternative course of equal value.

Definition of one lesson

Each lesson or study hour consists of 50 minutes of study time.

British Immigration Regulations

If you are a non-EEA (European Economic Area) student, you will require a visa in order to study at the school.

Language Link will provide the documentation required for students to apply for a Short-Term Study Visa which is not part of Tier 4 (SVV, ESVV, CSV).

The school will issue visa support documentation on the receipt of the non-refundable deposit of £200.
Please note that Language Link is not licenced as Tier 4 Sponsor, and we can only offer courses to applicants who apply for one of the visas listed below.

Please go toBuy Xanax In Las Vegas for more information.


Payment must be received in full four weeks before the first day of your course. If your course starts in less than two weeks payment must be received in full at the time of booking Language Link London is not responsible for any bank charges incurred by international bank transfer. Please remember to quote your student number when making your payment.

Your course will only be confirmed upon the receipt of a non-refundable deposit, or full payment. The balance needs to be paid before or on arrival at the school.

You may pay by:

  • Bank Transfer in £ sterling. Please note that International Bank Transfers may incur a fee.
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Online by booking through our website

Your total course fees are made up of the following:

  • Course fee
  • Accommodation fee (if applicable)
  • Bank transfer fee (if applicable)
  • Airport transfer fee (if applicable)
Public Holidays

Public and school holidays in in the UK can be found on Buy Diazepam Wholesale. There are no refunds or discounts for General English classes missed when a course includes a Public Holiday.

Special Offers

Course discounts are valid from the date of advertisement. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings.


Accommodation booking date

  • Accommodation is booked and charged for from Sunday to Sunday or Saturday to Saturday for the duration of your course.
  • If you wish to extend your room, please advise the Accommodation team at Dukes Road London. We will endeavour to arrange an extension but, as there are a limited number of rooms, it may not always be possible. On some occasions extensions may require a change of room.
  • All twin accommodation is booked for two students arriving together, with the same booking dates
Smoking in Homestays

Nowadays many people do not smoke and homestay families do prefer no smoking within their own. Therefore, it there might be fewer options if students wish to smoke in the homestay house. If you are happy to smoke outside in the host’s home, you can indicate this on your enrolment form.

Pets in Homestays

Many British homes have pets such as a cat or a dog. If you prefer not to be accommodated in a home with an animal, please indicate this on the enrolment form and the accommodation team will do their best to accommodate any requirement.

Special requirements

The accommodation team will always try their best to address any special requests with your accommodation application. However, fulfilling them is not always guaranteed but we will let you know. Booking as early as possible gives the accommodation team the greatest chance to accommodation your needs.

Arriving at your Homestay

You are advised to contact your host with your arrival time prior to your arrival and you can do this by telephone, email or letter. This way you can be sure that your host will be ready to welcome you.

Changes and cancellations

If you are unhappy with your homestay accommodation, the school will relocate you to a new family as soon as possible.

Please note: because of death, illness or other unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary to change your accommodation either before you arrive or once you are here and the school reserves the right to do this. We guarantee to provide accommodation for the period you have booked but not necessarily with the same family for the whole period.

When arranging student accommodation Language Link is acting in good faith and as the supplier’s agent. We do not accept any responsibility for the acts/defaults of third parties.

Please note: A good student insurance policy will refund the remaining fees if a student has to go home early for a medical or other serious reason. We strongly advise all students to take out insurance.