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Quick Facts



Lessons per Week 25
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon – Fri
Course Length 10 Days (with the possibility of joining the course for 1 week only)
Recommended Language Level B1-C2
Language Level for Closed Groups A2-C2
Maximum Class size 15
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

Price £900 (10 days)
Price £450 (5 days)


June 3rd – 14th
July 1st – 12th
August 19th – 23rd
September 23rd Sep – 4th Oct
October 21st Oct- 1st November


27th Jan – 31st Jan
3rd – 7th February
9th – 13th March
16th – 20th March
1st – 5th June
8th – 12th June
22nd – 26th June
29th – 3rd July
10th – 14th August
17th – 21st August
21st – 25th Sept
28th – 2nd Oct
19th – 23rd Oct
26th – 30th Oct

*Courses are on a 2-week basis. However, participants are also able to join for one week only.

Professional development courses available

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Course description

The Inclusion and Special Needs course looks at innovative and student centred approaches to teaching special needs learners within a normal classroom environment.

Teachers will come to understand the issues facing these learners and ways to help involve them in a mainstream learning environment.

The programme includes the opportunity to visit a state school (during term-time only) with integrated special needs and observe lessons, followed by discussions with experienced teachers and school managers. Guest speakers will also be invited to help you gain insight into Special Education in the UK.

The course is aimed at teachers who want to know how to best include special needs learners in the classroom and share lesson ideas and activities with other teachers from around the world.

Please note, this course is for mainstream education teachers, not for SEN specialists.


The Special Needs Programme is designed for teachers who want to know how to best work with special needs learners and share lesson ideas and activities with other teachers from around the world.

Being a methodology course, references will be made to most of the latest methodologies. The focus of this course will be innovative and student-centred approaches to teaching special needs learners.

After the course, participants will be able to design lessons and activities that are motivating, challenging and effective.



The course is hands-on and interactive, enabling participants to be fully immersed in the subject matter. Trainer-led sessions use the techniques and approaches being discussed so that the practical application of methods can be experienced within the programme. This is supported by in-depth discussion group work.

Participants will build up a bank of ideas to take back to their countries. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to experiment and think “outside the box“.

Case studies of different education needs learners throughout the course will include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Speech and Language Difficulties, Visual, Hearing and Physical Impairment, Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Gifted Learners.


Please note the exact course content can vary depending on the needs and levels of the groups. We try our best to tailor our courses to offer the best benefit for other students.

Day 1: ‘Inclusion is Not Something We Do, It Is Something We Believe in’ - Inclusive Schooling - Raising Awareness & Key Principles of Inclusive Learning


  • Introduction to SEN – Raising Awareness, Definitions, Labelling – Glossary of Terms, Admission, SEN Code of Practice
  • Reflecting on own Teaching Experiences with SEN

  • An Overview of the Area of SEN in Britain and Participants’ Countries

  • Anticipating Problems with Inclusion for both Learners and Teachers

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Case Study and Developing Action Plans: How to Include SEN Students in the Mainstream Classroom

Day 2: SEN Categories and Identification & Two Models for Understanding SEN


  • Different Models for Understanding SEN

  • Identifying Characteristics of Different Types of SEN Learners

  • Checklist for Possible Presence of Specific Learning Differences

  • Identifying Key Areas of Support in the Inclusive Classroom

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Case Study and Developing Action Plans

Day 3: Areas of Support - Focus on Cognition & Learning Difficulties - Understanding and Supporting Gifted & Talented Learners


  • Cognition and Learning Difficulties – Identification & Problems

  • Working Memory & the Transfer of Learning

  • Critical Thinking & HOTs vs LOTS

  • Developing Support Strategies to Help Students with Learning Difficulties

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Gifted & Talented StudentsIdentification Practices and How to Maximise the Potential of Gifted & Talented Learners; Preventing Underachievement

  • Case Study and Developing Effective Inclusion 

Day 4: Areas of Support- Focus on Behavioural Challenges in the Inclusive Classroom


  • Recognising & Understanding ADHDTypes & Causes of ADHD

  • ADHD’s Impact on School Performance – Social, Emotional, Behavioural and Learning Needs of Learners with ADHD

  • Strategies to Support Learners with ADHD – Ways of Dealing with Emotional and Behavioural Challenges in the Classroom

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Workshop – Case Study and Developing Action Plan – Behaviour Management Tips

Day 5: Areas of Support- Focus on Social Learning Challenges in the Inclusive Classroom


  • Neurotypical & NeurodiverseA Different Way of Thinking and Learning

  • The Main Areas of Difference in Autism Social Communication and Interaction, Sensory Processing, Information Processing

  • ASD’s Impact on School Performance

  • Strategies to Support Learners with High Functioning ASD

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Case Study – Integrating Diversity in the Inclusive Classroom

Day 6: Areas of Support - Understanding and Supporting Dyslexic students


  • Dyslexia – Characteristics & Identification

  • Working Memory and Dyslexia

  • Visual & Auditory Processing in Dyslexia; Visual Literacy Support & Multisensory Teaching

  • Developing Effective Inclusion – Support Strategies to Help Dyslexic Students

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Case Study – Adapting Lesson Planning to Meet the Needs of Dyslexic Learners

Day 7: Differentiated Teaching - Planning for All Students


  • Ways of Dealing with Diversity in the Classroom and Differentiated Teaching: Different Ways and Techniques to Differentiate Instructions, Content, Assessment, etc

  • Methods of Adapting your Teaching Style and Materials to Reflect Classroom Diversity

  • Task Based Teaching and Learning as the Framework for Differentiated Teaching

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Preparation for School Visit – UK Education System, Q&A Session, Code of Conduct when Visiting a State School and Observing Lessons, etc.
  • Task Based Interactive Session on the Different Educational Models in the UK and Participants’ Countries

Day 8: School Visit

Day Visit to a Secondary State School (9.00- 14.00).

The Visit Consists of:

  • Tour Around the School
  • Lesson Observations
  • Q&A Session with the Headteacher and SEN Management Team/Staff
  • Lunch in the School with British Teachers and Students
  • Focus on Hearing Impaired Students

*Participants will be Accompanied by one of Language Link’s Teacher Trainers

Day 9: Whole School Planning for SEN - Individualised Learning Programmes


  • Creating Effective IEP ’s- The Who, The What, The Why

  • Accommodations & Modifications for Students – Helping SEN Students to Access the Curriculum
  • Inclusive Assessment Approaches and Student Engagement
  • Assessment for Learning

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Lesson Planning for the Inclusive Classroom
  • Checklist for Inclusive Teaching

Day 10: End of Course - Revision of the Topics Covered


  • Developing SEN Glossary
  • What Useful Materials are Available

Afternoon Workshop:

  • Feedback and Discussion

  • Course Round-Up & Farewells

Follow Up

Participants will return to their home countries with a deeper insight and renewed enthusiasm for their profession.

They will also receive:

  • Contact details of tutors and colleagues to facilitate ongoing development and exchange of ideas
  • A Feedback Questionnaire evaluating the course and ideas collected during the programme
  • A Bibliography of suggested further reading matter