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Since 2011, Language Link has hosted in its London schools over 2,000 students who came from Italy as part of the PON and the POR Programmes.

Project Info

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Project Description

Since 2011 Language Link has hosted in its London schools over 2,000 students who came from Italy as part of the Cheap Phentermine Pills For Sale(National Operative Programme) and the POR Programme (Regional Operative Programme) financed by the Buy Adipex Capsules (ERDF).

The groups came notably from Southern Italy, in particular from Campania, Puglia, Sicilia and Calabria, consisting of 20-30 students and group leaders.

We are happy to work directly with schools or through agents.

Our services include:
    • 15 to 20 hours/week of English tuition featured in 3 to 4 weeks group courses
    • Preparation of the students for the Trinity speaking exam taken at the end of the course,
    • Weekly tests and progress reports
    • Work placement (from 2 weeks)
    • Accommodation Arrangements in London
    • Guided visits to the main tourist attractions in and out of London (Bath, Brighton, Portsmouth, Rochester, Stonehenge, Cambridge, Hampton Court, Windsor and Oxford)
    • Close collaboration with the group leaders to ensure they comply with the funding requirements

We do our best to ensure groups leave the UK with a fuller understanding of both its language and culture. We have had many happy groups and look forward to meeting many more Italian students coming to learn.