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Buy Prescriptions For Adipex Online

Erasmus+ Funding Guide For Professional Development Courses For Teachers: How to apply

Erasmus+ Funding Guide For Professional Development Courses For Teachers: How to apply

If you are interested in our Order Xanaxand eligible for Cheap Alprazolam, please consult our guide below.

Please note that under recent funding changes, individuals are no longer eligible to apply directly. Application must be made through an institution such as a school or college.

Applying is quite simple although there are some necessary steps.

The guide is divided into 3 stages:

  • what to prepare for an application,
  • how to make the application itself and
  • what you should expect afterwards.

For applications with Language Link as a partner, you will need our

PIC (Personal Identification Code) number: 948940913

1: Before Applying

* Check eligibility – Countries that are EU members or candidates. Funding applications must be made through an institution but is available for placements for individuals or groups.

* Eligible institutions – School, colleges, universities and educational institutes are all eligible to apply for funding. The final criteria for eligibility are decided on by the National Agency. Please consult your National Agency’s website from here: http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/contact_en

* Getting an application form: These can be downloaded from your National Agency’s website along with guidance on completing the form.

* Key dates – Please check our course start dates and application deadlines. It is also crucial to check with your National Agency when the deadlines for funding are.

2: Making an Application

* Contact your school head or the person responsible for funding to help them with the application

* If your institute is not already registered with the European Commission you need to registered with them through the Education Portal. This is needed to get a PIC number.

* When completing the application form the Erasmus+ coordinator will need to include a European Development Plan for the school. This should identify your school’s development objectives for the next one or two years, taking a European dimension into consideration.
Indicate that the teaching ideas and materials acquired on the course will not only be used to enhance your own lessons, but will also be disseminated to your colleagues at a workshop which you will conduct after your course, so that a large number of students will benefit.

*For registered institutions please request that Language Link Professional development or language courses be included as part of the institute’s development plan

*Choose the course you feel would best benefit you and fits with your institute’s overall development plan and make a provisional booking as soon as possible. This booking will be subject to a successful funding application (unless your institute is dedicated enough to cover costs themselves).

*When the development plan is set and your institute has a PIC number you can submit your funding application through your national agency.

* If you have any questions or want any guidance regarding submitting funding applications please contact us directly.

3: After the application

* You will need to wait for release of application results, your national agency should set a scheduled date. Once you are aware whether you will be able to attend the course or not please let us know so we can confirm your booking.

* If your school is very successful and is awarded additional funding or you encounter any problems with other bookings, we are always happy to try and help accommodate additional participants on courses or even open new courses if there is enough demand and we possibly can.

* If your institute is unsuccessful in its application please let us know. It is possible to attend courses as a private individual and we will do our best to advise interested participants regarding this.

Please do not book flights until your course has been reconfirmed.

Our Professional Development Courses