EU Funding explained

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For almost a decade Language Link has worked with European partners on a range of EU funded projects or ‘Key Actions’ under the Erasmus+ label. Eligible projects cover many areas, including co-operation and exchange programmes between EU institutions and individuals.

The available funding is substantial but applying for it can be an administrative challenge for already busy teaching staff. Language Link takes the stress out of the application process by providing quick and easy guidance for our Erasmus+ partners.

If you are seeking a European partner for your Erasmus+ project, please call us on: +44(0)20 3214 8258 or email us at

Key Action 1 Travel for education and training

Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Key Action 3 Support for policy reform

Other EU Funding

Key Action 1 Travel for education and training

Key Action 1 is divided into two main types of activity: Decentralised activities for the UK run by UK National Agency and centralised activities run by the European Commission’s Executive Agency based in Brussels.

  • Current Projects

Experience teaching – An opportunity to 60 young teachers to develop their teaching skills through an all expenses paid 5-week placement in schools in Rome, Valencia or Porto.

  • Previous Projects

CAST – Culture ArtS and Tourism in Europe 1 and 2 – Over 60 internships in the area of culture, arts and tourism were offered to young unemployed people together with a language course in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

ACES – Art and Culture in the European Society – Scholarships for language courses and work experience in museums, schools, theatres, tourism information centres and art galleries in Florence, Seville, Reggio Calabria, Brussels and Rome.

Key Action 2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

Key Action 2 is divided into two main types of activity: Decentralised activities for the UK run by UK National Agency and centralised activities run by the European Commission’s Executive Agency based in Brussels. Key Action 2 covers the five fields of higher education, vocational education and training (VET), schools, adult education and youth. It is important to note that target groups and activities for Key Action 2 vary by field.

  • Current Projects

We are currently waiting for the results of the KA2 Capacity building in the field of youth application.

  • Previous Projects

Yes, you can – The project helped integrate young people into the job market by promoting entrepreneurial culture and setting up an online business.

ELEVATION – e-Learning Applications in Vocational Education – The project provided teachers with IT competencies and the use of e-learning for language learning purposes.

Yes employability – The project helped young people acquire digital competencies in order to better integrate into the job market.

Other EU Funding
  • Previous Projects

Vocational teachers from Lithuania – Visits to Colleges and companies in London to observe on the job training.

PON Groups – Language courses for almost 800 Italian students including tourist attractions.

VET – PRO Projects – Specialist language courses and visits for groups of professionals coming from different business sectors, including the education field, vocational trainers, physicians, nurses and even aeronautics.

Language Link Group* is inviting you to apply for the ERASMUS+ KA1 Mobility Project “Experience Teaching” Grant.

The ‘Experience Teaching’ project offers a wonderful opportunity to develop your newly acquired teaching skills through an all-expenses paid 5-week placement.This placement gives you a chance to experience life working and living in another European country. It is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience as well as cultural awareness. The aim of this project is to offer invaluable on the job experience and training to new teachers while also raising awareness of the opportunity of working in other European countries available to EU citizens in the UK. This experience should show that working in another EU country doesn’t require fluency in the local language and cultural differences are far smaller than might be imagined.

The placements offered through this project are varied and will depend on the country you are sent to.

It is a unique opportunity to gain some real teaching experience abroad. There are 60 scholarships and the successful applicants will be split into 3-4 waves over the life of the project from now to October 2017.

Numbers are limited and your preferred destination may not available, you must be flexible.

Applications for the fifth wave are now open
  • Interviews now open and results ready within one week after interview 
  • Placement: 23rd April to 27th May 2017

Application Procedure:

  • Fill in and return the application form on this page.
  • Application and CV reviewed
  • Candidate interview, either face to face or Skype.
  • If successful:
  • Ensuring all necessary documents are submitted
  • Induction meeting – All final documents signed and project and placement information given out. Q&A session.

The grant covers the following:

  •  Return Flights
  •  Insurance
  •  Meet and greet. Airport Transfer on arrival at destination
  •  Local transportation (travel card)
  •  Accommodation single room (self-catering in shared flat, own room, all utilities)
  •  Weekly Subsistence
  •  Tutoring and monitoring
  •  Placement in State or Private Schools
  •  24/7 support emergency telephone number
  •  Europass Certificate

Before applying please ensure you fulfil the following requirements:

1. You must be an EU National AND RESIDENT IN THE UK.
2. You must undertake your placement within one year of your graduation.
3. This programme is only open to CELTA/TESOL/TEFL qualified teachers in the consortium of the Language Link Group Language Link CELTA, TEFL Express, TEFLINK, TEFL Cambridge, TEFL Oxford, Active Learning, Wellfield Education and Global Impact Training.

Further details: Please email for the application form and details.

Erasmus+ Funding Guide

If you are interested in our Professional Development courses and eligible for Erasmus + funding please consult our guide below. Applying is quite simple although there are some necessary steps. The guide is divided into 3 stages: what to prepare for an application, how to make the application itself and what you should expect afterwards.

For applications with Language Link as a partner you will need our PIC (Personal Identification Code)

number: 948940913

1: Before Applying

  • Check eligibility – Countries that are EU members or candidates. Funding applications must be made through an institution but is available for placements for individuals or groups.
  • Eligible institutions – School, colleges, universities and educational institutes are all eligible to apply for funding. The final criteria for eligibility are decided on by the National Agency. Please consult your National Agency’s website from here:
  • Getting an application form: These can be downloaded from your National Agency’s website along with guidance on completing the form.
  • Key dates – Please check our course start dates and application deadlines. It is also crucial to check with your National Agency when the deadlines for funding are.

2: Making an Application

  • Contact your school head or the person responsible for funding to help them with the application
  • If your institute is not already registered with the European Commission you need to registered with them through the Education Portal. This is needed to get a PIC number.

  • When completing the application form the Erasmus+ coordinator will need to include a European Development Plan for the school. This should identify your school’s development objectives for the next one or two years, taking a European dimension into consideration.
  • Indicate that the teaching ideas and materials acquired on the course will not only be used to enhance your own lessons, but will also be disseminated to your colleagues at a workshop which you will conduct after your course, so that a large number of students will benefit.
  • For registered institutions please request that Language Link Professional development or language courses be included as part of the institute’s development plan
  • Choose the course you feel would best benefit you and fits with your institute’s overall development plan and make a provisional booking as soon as possible. This booking will be subject to a successful funding application (unless your institute is dedicated enough to cover costs themselves).
  • When the development plan is set and your institute has a PIC number you can submit your funding application through your national agency.
  • If you have any questions or want any guidance regarding submitting funding applications please contact us directly.

3: After the application

  • You will need to wait for release of application results, your national agency should set a scheduled date. Once you are aware whether you will be able to attend the course or not please let us know so we can confirm your booking.
  • If your school is very successful and is awarded additional funding or you encounter any problems with other bookings, we are always happy to try and help accommodate additional participants on courses or even open new courses if there is enough demand and we possibly can.
  • If your institute is unsuccessful in its application please let us know. It is possible to attend courses as a private individual and we will do our best to advise interested participants regarding this.
Please do not book flights until your course has been reconfirmed.