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Buy Diazepam Liquid |Buy Diazepam From China

Buy Adipex Pills


Quick Facts


Course duration Intensive: 1 week (30 lessons)
Minimum age 18 years old

Recommended Language Level Minimum B1
Dates To be confirmed
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

Course only £450
Course + Internship £700

Bridge the gap between university and employment by surpassing theory-based education and developing practical skills essential for success in the field of your choice.

Partake in this intensive program designed for students and young professionals seeking to stand out in a competitive job market.

The Skills for Success course is designed to target the five crucial skills identified by employers as essential for career advancement. Language Link has developed a unique methodology combining both interactive learning and practical simulations in which students take part in real-life scenarios.  

With the help of industry experts, you will:

  • strengthen and develop your CV to meet employer expectations;
  • improve interview performance;
  • build confidence for presentations and public speaking;
  • and be better placed and prepared to enter the UK job market.



Job Application and Business Etiquette

  • Improve your interview performance
  • Learn best/worst practices for CV writing
  • Write an impressive cover letter

Negotiation and Communication

  • Understand different communication styles (including your own)
  • Gain top tips on negotiating for results
  • Focus on body language
  • Learn best/worst practices for written and oral communication

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Identify problems
  • Generate solutions
  • Improve decision making and calculating risks

Public Speaking

  • Understand different types of public speaking
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Respond to your audience

Branding Yourself

  • Present yourself to different audiences
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Build social awareness through networking


  • 4-week internship
  • Internship sectors: Business, Marketing, Social services (NGO), Hospitality, Fashion, Sales


Do I need to do my internship straight away after I complete the course?

No, we understand that you may not be able to take time out of your schedule to do the course and the internship consecutively. Therefore, we will organize the internship for whenever you are available (can be several months after course completion).

How long is the internship for?

Most companies require a minimum of four weeks.
However, we try to accomodate students if they want shorter or longer periods.

What level of English is required?

Due to the complexity and depth of the material as well as the requirements of companies offering internships, we ask for a B2/Upper Intermediate level of English.
As described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) this level applies to independent language users who are able to interact with native speakers in a relatively fluent and spontaneous way with little effort. They are also able to articulate complex ideas and various points of view in clear and detailed text.
If you do not feel comfortable that you are at this level, you are welcome to take one of our Generic Ambien Not Effective to improve your language skills and subsequently take the Skills for Success course.
If you are unsure of what your level is, please contact us and we will arrange an online assessment for you.

Will I be paid during my internship?

Although this has occasionally been arranged, the majority of the companies we work with do not offer paid internships.

Skills for success | Language Link London

Justine From Belgium