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Buy Diazepam From China

Clicca Buy Xanax In Las Vegas per vedere il contenuto in Italiano

Quick Facts



Course Code PON18
Lessons per Week 20
All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Mon-Fri 09.00-12.50
Course Length 3 Weeks
Recommended Language Level B1 (Depending on Availability
Maximum Class size 15
Centre Buy Diazepam Wholesale

Please Contact us for Prices As groups from schools can differ in their specific needs, we tailor each programme

Available to organise all year round


Language Link are excited to offer programmes specially designed for Italian PONS C1 groups in London. Whenever your school wants to arrange an education visit to London, we are happy to organise it. You can stay in a high quality homestay accommodation within the nation’s capital London, with easy transport links to the school.

Language Link is an experienced PON C1 provider and therefore understands the needs and requirements of each group that travel as well as the agencies we work with. We have worked closely with our partner agencies and tour operators to create a specific programme of study, activities and excursions to fulfill the requirements for P.O.N C1 from the European Structural Funds.

For more details about our PON C1 options and programmes please contact us: Buy Liquid Valium Online

Cheap Valium Online Australia


  • 20 hours of English tuition per week
  • Full board accommodation
  • Initial grading test on arrival
  • Course materials
  • End-of-Course certificate and report
  • 4 Skills B2 level examination
  • Full afternoon and evening activities
  • Wifi access available in order to connect to the internet and access the PON platform for project management
  • School computers available for staff use


  • Single and multi-bed en-suite rooms
  • Flexibility to create a programme to suit all group requests – experienced staff able to provide feedback and study plans to suit programme requirements
  • A high quality academic programme
  • Ability to combine staff professional development
  • Attractive payment terms
  • Excellent transport links to our central London location