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Quick Facts



Ages 10-15
Lessons per Week 15/20
All lessons are 50 minutes
Course Length 1-4 weeks
Recommended Language Level A1-C2
Maximum Class size 12
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

15 Lessons per Week 1 week – £250
2 Weeks – £500
20 Lessons per week 1 Week – £310
2 Weeks – £620
Social Programme (25 hours, Monday to Saturday)
£ 170 p/week

Summer non-residential programme starts on Monday the 2nd July and finishes on Friday 24th August.

The course can be booked for one to four weeks.

Groups – available all year round

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Course description

Our Junior Programme is for students aged 10-15 coming to study English in international classes in London.

Our programme provides 15 or 20 hours of English lessons each week.

Students are assessed on the first day and placed into classes based on their level and age.

Lessons are in the morning and students have an opportunity to join our afternoon Order Valium From Indiato experience London and the UK first-hand and to practice their speaking skills further (this is optional)
Please Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Onlinefor a sample social programme.

All Language Link teachers are experienced with young learners and their lessons are filled with exciting activities designed to make learning fun and to expose students to British culture. Throughout the course teachers monitor each student’s progress and provide individual assistance. All students receive a certificate and a full academic report at the end of the course.

Parents who want to study alongside their children are also welcome, we often organise courses for families who want to work on their English together.

Please go to our Buy Diazepam Uk to download our Child Protection Policy, Order Xanax and Cheap Alprazolam.


  • Improve students confidence to speak and understand English
  • Give students the opportunity to be emerged in British culture
  • Provide a supportive learning environment and help children make lifelong friends
  • Develop students’ collaborative skills and cultural awareness



  • Stimulating and enjoyable classes will boost children’s confidence to experiment with English
  • Activity based lessons will help children develop communicative and collaborative skills
  • Kind, caring and enthusiastic teachers will ensure that learning is a fun activity
  • The English speaking school environment will provide opportunities to use English in realistic situations


We can organise Buy Valium India Online where junior students stay with a host family. (Please note that children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult). These families are based throughout London and are thoroughly vetted to ensure students have a safe and enjoyable stay.

We can also help organise Buy Phentermine Online Mexico for families coming to London who would rather stay together.

Please Buy Soma Online Usa if you would like to book Buy Phentermine Online Mexico for juniors or would like more information on what we offer.

If you would like to discuss this course, please call us now on: 
Buy Sandoz Phentermine
Alternatively you can Buy Xanax Los Angeles for more information.