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Zolpidem Buy Now

Quick Facts



Lessons per Week 4
*All lessons are 50 minutes
Times Monday & Wednesday
Course Length Minimum 2 weeks
Recommended Language Level A1-C1
(depending on availability)
Maximum Class size 12
Centre Buy Xanax In Las Vegas
Course Code GE04

4 lessons per week £80 / 2 weeks

Every Monday.
Starting on Monday, 4th March 2019

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Who is it for?

English language learners of every level, from Beginners to Advanced Students.

Course description

Small Classes with a communicative approach

Students are taught in small classes with a communicative approach. The goal is to get you speaking and involved in the lesson.

Language task-based classes

Individual evening classes are based around a language task, such as preparing a conversation for the rest of the class, making a presentation or doing a role-play. This ensures the English you learn is English you will use.
We don’t use course books in our classes, so your lessons will never be cookie cutter! If you have particular tasks or English areas you need to study, our teachers are able to adapt lessons for you.

Set learning objectives

Each course has set learning objectives so you can be sure you are progressing towards your goals. You will have time to talk to and get to know your fellow students on the course and we hope will encourage each other as much as the teacher encourages you.

End of course certificate

At the end of each course you will receive a certificate with a breakdown of what you covered on the course as well as a student pack containing hand outs.

Course Objectives

  • Improve all 4 language skills:
    • Reading,
    • Writing,
    • Listening
    • Speaking
  • Enhance students’ familiarity with English in its natural context
  • Introduce students to British culture as part of their language learning
  • Improve student’s confidence using English in face to face as well as written communication

Course Timetable

Monday Wednesday
18:30-20:30 18:30-20:30