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1-2 3-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-24 25+
Buy Valium India Online 15 15 9am-11.50am/1pm-3.50pm £189 £180 £175 £169 £160 £150 £120
Buy Valium India Online 20 15 9am-12.50pm/12pm-3.50pm £250 £235 £220 £205 £195 £180 £150
Buy Soma Online Usa 30 15 9am-3.50pm £325 £305 £285 £265 £255 £250 £220
Soma 350 Mg Street Price 5 15 12-12.50pm £70 £65 £60 £55 £50 £45 £40
Buy Sandoz Phentermine 30 15 1 week £450
Groups       Please contact us for a quotation
Buy Xanax Los Angeles 9 15 9am-11.50am/1pm-3.50pm/ 1pm-3.50pm £125 £125 £125 £125 £125 £125 £125
Cheap Phentermine Pills For Sale 6 15 9am-11.50am/ 1pm-3.50pm £85 £85 £85 £85 £85 £85 £85
Buy Adipex Capsules 4 15 Monday & Wednesday (6:30pm-8:30pm) – 2 weeks min £80            
Buy Loose Valium 15 15   £250 £250          
Buy Xanax Sticks 20 15   £310 £310          
Groups       Please contact us for a quotation
Buy Adipex Diet Pills Uk 25     £170            
EXAMINATION COURSES (subject to availability)
Buy Carisoprodol 350 Mg 15 8 9am-11.50am/1pm-3.50pm   £240 £220 £200 4,8 or 12 weeks only
Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks 15 8 9am-11.50am/1pm-3.50pm   £240 £220 £200 4,8 or 12 weeks only
Buy Ambien Online 15 8 9am-11.50am/1pm-3.50pm   £240 £220 £200 4,8 or 12 weeks only
Ambien Buy Mail Order 15 8 9am-11.50am/1pm-3.50pm   £240 £220 £200 4,8 or 12 weeks only
Buy Soma Muscle Relaxers Online     Flexible Please contact us for group prices. On a one-to one basis, £70/hour
Buy Diazepam Tablets Online In India       £400            
Buy Xanax 3Mg     1-week course + 4-week internship £700            
Generic Phentermine Reviews 30   4 weeks £1240 (including Cambridge Assessment Fee)
Buy Valium Within Australia 10   12 weeks £1240 (including Cambridge Assessment Fee)
Buy Valium Within Australia     21 weeks £1240 (including Cambridge Assessment Fee)
TEFL Taster day 8   1 day £85
Cambridge TKT 20   1 week £400 + Exam Fee per Module
Buy Valium 10 25 15 1 week £450 (Eligible for Erasmus+ Funding)
        PRICE / HOUR
        1-4 5-9 10-19 20+      
Buy Phentermine Weight Loss The One to One courses are available at flexible times £70 £65 £58 £55      

(1) Juniors are students under 16. 16-17 year olds be placed in our Adult General English Courses with the consent of their Parent or Guardian.

*Lessons are generally 1 hour, typically 50 minutes of tuition and 10 minutes of break e.g. 30 lessons = 25 hours tuition, timetabled over 30 hours.

All courses are subject to our standard terms and conditions.