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Soma 350 Mg Uses

What is CELTA ? 

The University of Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) has long been recognised as a first-class introduction to the English teaching profession. It assumes no previous experience of teaching and is ideal for those who want to teach English in language schools in the UK or abroad.

Language Link has run teacher training courses for over 20 years, and has run the CELTA since its creation in 2001, turning out hundreds of graduates who have gone on to teach all over the world. Our experienced teaching team has also trained many qualified teachers as CELTA trainers themselves.

The qualification gives you:

  • An initial qualification as an English Language Teacher which is recognised by the British Council and international teaching organisations.
  • Knowledge of the English language, its grammar, phonology and lexis
  • Up-to-date methodology of language teaching to adults (i.e. age 16+)

The CELTA is regarded as the premier initial service qualification for English Language teachers. It can be a tough course but also extremely rewarding.

If you are considering teaching English as a career or are looking to travel and want an employment option abroad then this is the perfect qualification. Doing the CELTA provides not only educational training but also gives candidates experience in a variety of skills applicable to whatever you continue on with. Presentation skills, report writing and many more! 

Buy Xanax In Las Vegas

CELTA courses

At Language Link we offer the CELTA course as either a full time – 4 week course or part time over 12 or 21 weeks.

  • Full-time CELTA

The full time CELTA is intense but is perfect for those looking for a position in the near future. It requires a serious time commitment (9-5, Mon – Fri as well as homework!) but is an extremely rewarding experience. Our full time groups develop a sense of camaraderie and candidates often find working with their fellow CELTA candidates a useful preparation for working with colleagues in future teaching positions.

  • Part-time CELTA – 12 weeks

The 12 week Part time CELTA course is ideal for candidates with other time commitments as it requires 2 evenings a week and 1 Saturday every other week. While less intense than the full time it requires an equal level of commitment from candidates. For those working full time or with other responsibilities, this is generally the more appropriate choice.

  • Part-time CELTA – 21 weeks

Language Link has also recently launched a 21 week part time course. Candidates spend one day per week having tutor input and doing teaching practice. This course is ideal for those with family commitments or who work on the weekends as teaching days are all in the week. 

If any of these options interest you or you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to Buy Diazepam Wholesale.