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Buy Diazepam Liquid |Buy Diazepam From China

Buy Adipex Online From Mexico





Full-Time CELTA (4 weeks)  Was £1,240 NOW £990  Including Cambridge Assessment Fee (£156)
Part-Time CELTA (12 weeks)  Was £1,240 NOW £990  Including Cambridge Assessment Fee (£156)
Part-Time CELTA (21 weeks)  Was £1,240 NOW £990  Including Cambridge Assessment Fee (£156)

Our Full time and Part time Courses are both the same price.

Acceptance on a CELTA course is dependent on an assessment task and interview.

2019 & 2020 DATES

Our Full time courses are 4 weeks and run every month of the year.

Part time courses run for 12 or 21 weeks with start dates listed below.


Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 5:00pm

Start date End date Notes
28 October 22 November 2019  
25 November 20 December 2019  
6 January 31 January 2020  
3 February 28 February 2020  
2 March 27 March 2020  
30 March 24 April 2020  
27 April 22 May 2020  
26 May 20 June 2020 Tuesday start – Saturday finish
29 June 24 July 2020  
27 July 21 August 2020  
24 August 18 September 2020  
28 September 23 October 2020  
26 October 20 November 2020  
23 November 18 December 2020  

Tuesday & Thursday evenings (6:15pm – 9:30pm)

& alternate Saturdays x7 (10:00am – 5:00pm)

Start date End date Notes
07 September 28 November 2019  
11 January 2 April 2020  
25 April  16 July 2020  
12 September 3 December 2020  

Wednesday only (9:30am – 5:00pm)

Start date End date Notes
9 September 2020 17 February 2020 (includes 2 weeks’ break over Christmas)


How to make a payment

You may pay by:

  1. Credit or debit card
  2. Bank transfer in £ sterling. However, please note that International Bank Transfers and Bankers Draft payments will incur a £15 charge
  3. In cash by coming into the School

Deposits and fees

Acceptance for CELTA does not mean that a place on a course has been reserved for you.

Your place will not be secured till you have paid the full course fee.

A deposit of £100 will reserve your place.

Full fees are due three weeks prior to the start date of the course.

If the balance of fees is not received by this time, Language Link reserves the right to accept another suitable candidate and return your deposit to you if the course is oversubscribed.


Please check our Order Valium From India on cancellations and refunds. Click on the link to be taken directly.

  • All notices of cancellation must be made in writing, preferably via email.
    The notice period will be from when we recieve the notice in the case of notice sent by post.

Insurance cover

You may wish to consider insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.