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Buy Adipex 37.5 Mg Online


27,764.50 UAH per month + Accommodation
(approximately US$1,000 dependent on market rate)

Contract Length

10 months


Accommodation Provided – Own room in shared apartment

$400 provided towards airfare

Work Visa, etc. organised by Language Link in Ukraine

Kyiv in Ukraine has long been a focus of interest for life and culture in Central Europe. A city that has seen the Mongols, the Soviet Union, and the rise and fall of a dozen empires, its a city with a huge amount of history. Kyiv is equally blessed with an incredible array of architecture and a blossoming food scene (where traditional Ukrainian food is getting the same gourmet reinterpretation every great cuisine is getting). Buy Xanax In Las Vegas and Language Link agrees!

Language Link’s centre in the Ukrainian capital is looking for full time teachers on a 1 year contract. Teachers are generally expected to work 40 hours per week, covering 30 academic hours over 5 days per week subject to requirements. The position includes health cover, holidays and all standard benefits. Students will generally be K-12 or secondary school age. There is potential for classes for adult learners as well.

Teachers will report to the Director of Studies and will be expected to deliver high quality teaching within the class.

Main responsibilities and functions
– To prepare and teach classes to a high standard
– To provide thorough lesson plans for in-house and external observations in accordance with company policy and to keep accurate records of planning and work done
– To keep daily attendance records, reporting any absences to management
– To attend meetings and development training workshops
– Promoting student development through the use of technology-based learning
– Participating in the development and organisation of student projects within class.

Applicants Must:

  • have a University degree
  • have a CELTA (or equivalent teaching qualification)
  • impress with an enthusiasm for teaching
  • demonstrate a willingness to engage in training and development
  • have a native level of English and good communication abilities

It’s Desirable that Applicants:

  • have prior teaching experience
  • have a DELTA or further teaching qualification
  • have some knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian
  • have some experience of living or working abroad


Contact form for Job Recruitment
  • Which national passport will you be applying under? We need this for visa eligibility
  • Please tell us why you think you are a good candidate for this position (background, qualifications, career goals, etc.)
  • We have a few recruitment drives per year and occasionally advertise for unexpected vacancies. We do not send many adverts but if you would like to be aware of opportunities in any Language Link positions please tick here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.